Offbeat: track cycling - Ch. Europe: Vigier, and two!

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already European speed champion in 2017, Sébastien Vigier bissing on Sunday. The French even took two medals with Rayan Helal in bronze, and another third with Victoire Berteau in bronze at points.

In the image of swimming, track cycling continues to fulfill its role wonderfully for the French team, during the European championships this August. In Munich, Sunday, it was Sébastien Vigier who went to pick gold on speed, against Jack Carlin in the final. The Frenchman had however lost the first round but therefore went to win on the next two, his opponent dropped even before the arrival during the last decisive race to let vigier spin alone towards continental gold. It was a matter between France and Great Britain, since Rayan Helal took bronze against Hamish Turnbull after being downgraded in half. Vigier's future opponent had dropped, which may not have been completely trivial for the future ...

Jack Laugher defends diving gold at Commonwealth Games

  Jack Laugher defends diving gold at Commonwealth Games BIRMINGHAM, England (AP) — English diver Jack Laugher extended his dominance in the one-meter springboard event Thursday to take a third straight gold at the Commonwealth Games. The 27-year-old Laugher, who was England's flag bearer at the opening ceremony last week, continued a run that also included gold in Glasgow in 2014 and on Australia's Gold Coast four years ago. He had been below his best in the morning's preliminary rounds but hit peak form from midway through the six rounds to seize control and later credited the threat posed by Australian diver Shixin Li for inspiring him.

a few tens of minutes earlier, Victoire Berteau had also taken third place in the points race, Which already brings the total medals for the Blues to seven. The three awards of the day each won their second charm, after the team money for Vigier and Helal as well as bronze - in teams, always - for Berteau. The other two had been the 60% work of Benjamin Thomas, in gold on the race for points and on team pursuit (with Thomas Denis, Quentin Lafargue, Valentin Tabellion and Thomas Boudat, the latter not participating in the final ). In short, it is a real harvest which therefore continues for the French, necessarily encouraging two years from Paris 2024.

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He has been described as 'Putin's brain'.Ultra-nationalist Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin, who advocates Russia absorbing Ukraine, was due to travel and may have been in the target in the attack on Saturday evening, reports suggest.

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