Offbeat: 15 million air passengers in the first half of the year

Train strikes set to cause more disruption

  Train strikes set to cause more disruption Some rail operators will run no services at all, as 6,500 train drivers walk out in a dispute over pay.Some 6,500 train drivers at nine rail companies, who are members of the Aslef union, are staging their latest 24-hour walkout in a dispute over pay.

The number of passengers at Bayern's three international airports rose rapidly this year after the pandeme -related slump in previous years. In the first half of the year, Munich, Nuremberg and Memmingen with 15 million passengers already had more passengers than throughout 2021, as the State Statistical Office in Fürth announced on Friday. 14.5 million people therefore traveled over the airports in the Free State last year. However, there can be no question of a return to the numbers used before the Corona pandemic: in 2019, more than 25 million passengers were launched or landed in Bavaria in 2019.

Passagiere stehen am Flughafen München an einem Check-in-Schalter. © Sven Hoppe/dpa/Archive picture Passengers are at a check-in switch at the Munich Airport.

Bavarian passengers are mostly Munich passengers because the airport of the state capital is much larger than the other two airports. Munich reported almost 13 million passengers, Nuremberg 1.2 million and Memmingen 848,000. A total of 144,641 aircraft started and landed on the three airports, according to the state office, an increase of 225.4 percent.

That time the Air Force delivered a heart transplant on a supersonic bomber .
In 1986, a U.S. Air Force FB-111A ferried a heart transplant from Oklahoma to Connecticut in two hours to save a patient.The Air Force was called on because no other transport, not even a private jet, could move the heart to Connecticut within four hours without damaging it, James Battaglio, a spokesman for Hartford Hospital, told the Associated Press at the time. A heart can survive outside the body for four hours, the spokesman explained, and it would have taken at least 3.5 hours for a private jet to fly the organ to Hartford.

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