Offbeat: Spain: Despite the rain, the fire near Valence continues to move forward, 19,000 hectares burned

Portugal: 10,000 hectares who left for smoke in a protected region

 Portugal: 10,000 hectares who left for smoke in a protected region © Patricia de Melo Moreira A forest fire in Manteigas, in the center of Portugal, August 10, 2022 x a forest fire mobilizing some 1,500 firefighters on Thursday About 10,000 hectares of vegetation in the mountainous region of the Serra Da Estrela Natural Park, located in central Portugal.

Malgré l'intervention des pompiers, les incendies font rage en Espagne. Reuters/Lorena Sopena © Lorena Sopena Despite the intervention of the firefighters, the fires rage in Spain. Reuters/Lorena Sopena Nothing done, the fire continues to move forward and destroy everything in its path ... In eastern Spain, the showers have certainly helped the firefighters to circumscribe the fire that rages In the Valence region, but helped by the wind, it continues to progress after having already burned 19,000 ha. Hundreds of firefighters, with the reinforcement of helicopters and planes have been hard at work for days to try to stem the flames which extend over more than 120 km. "Most land and air means (...) are concentrating on the southern flank east to prevent the fire from reaching Sierra Calderona," said Gabriela Bravo, security manager for local authorities on Friday. Bejis' fire, which started on Monday, broke out two days after that of the Ebo Vall, in the same region and have trained the evacuation of 3,000 people. Gigantic flames The showers who fell in the middle of the week made it possible to overcome the fire of Vall Debo on Friday, but that of Bejis remained active. The firefighters of the emergency military unit qualified at night as "intense" publishing on Twitter images of gigantic flames. "It is a very important fire in an area extending over more than 120 km so we have to use all means to contain the fire," said Mariano Hernandez, one of the regional fire officials on public television . In addition, many questions emerge around the circulation of a train carrying around fifty passengers in the area affected by the fire in Bejis. The driver of the train who had left Valence to go to Zaragosse had not been alerted from the danger and had to turn around against the flames. Passengers have panicked, screaming with terror and calling for help, some breaking the windows of the train to escape on foot, according to images broadcast on television. An investigation was opened by the police, as well as within the railway company Renfe and the operator ADIF. "We will provide all the information necessary to shed light on this incident and ensure that it does not happen again," said Minister of Sciences Diana Morant on public television, defending the "good" decisions made by the driver of the train. Nearly 400 forest fires since the beginning of the year, Spain has experienced 391 forest fires which won 283,000 ha, according to the European Information System on Forest Fires (Effis), or more From three times more than in 2021. According to scientists, global warming increases the probability of heat waves as well as droughts and, by ricochet, fires.

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