Opinion: gap mushroom atom lets Scholz reach for power

Electoral test for Scholz in a Germany anxious by inflation

 Electoral test for Scholz in a Germany anxious by inflation © AFP L ES Voters of Basse-Saxe began to vote on Sunday for their local parliament, a test ballot for the social democrats of Chancellor Olaf Scholz In an Germany anxious by inflation and the energy crisis. The 6.1 million voters of this region in the northwest of the country must renew their Parliament until now dominated by a coalition of the Social Democratic Party (SPD, Center-Gauche) and the Christian Democratic Union from Germany (CDU, curator).

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ARCHIV: Eine Gesamtansicht zeigt das Kernkraftwerk Isar 2 in Eschenbach, Deutschland © Reuters/Christian Mang Archive: An overall view shows the ISAR 2 nuclear power plant in Eschenbach, Germany Berlin (Reuters) - Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz The weeks of dispute in the traffic light coalition on the continued operation of the nuclear power plants with a word of power.

The SPD politician first made use of his directory on Monday since the alliance started and ordered the legal basis for a further operation of all three nuclear parts to create until April 15, 2023. He came up with the FDP with a possible continued operation of the Emsland nuclear power plant, while he met Greens' claims in other points. The FDP welcomed the decision and Minister of Economics Robert Habeck said by the Greens that he too could live with it.

Orban describes the conversation with Scholz as "fertile"

 Orban describes the conversation with Scholz as The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban described his conversation with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin as "fruitful". «I am pleased to be able to tell you that he (Scholz) is still alive. I also, »he said after the meeting in the Chancellery, that according to him, two hours took. Both sides could be satisfied with the meeting. All difficult topics were addressed. However, Orban did not give details.

Scholz ordered to create the legal basis "to enable the performance operations of the ISAR 2, Neckarwestheim 2 nuclear power plants beyond December 31, 2022 to a maximum of April 15th, 2023. A quick change in the law is necessary because according to applicable law, all three power plants would have to leave the network at the end of the year. A cabinet decision prepared by Economics Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck to make this only possible for the two southern German nuclear parts was recently on ice: the FDP had insisted on an Emsland nuclear power plant and running times until spring 2024. The conversation was to say goodbye to the change in the law this week in the Bundestag.

AKW operator welcomes decision

The Energy Groups E.ON and RWE welcomed the decision as a nuclear power plant. RWE now wants to quickly make all the preparations to enable Emsland nuclear power to operate until April 15th. The Greens expressly rejected this at a federal party conference last Friday evening. However, the limitation of the terms by mid -April 2023 corresponds to the demand of the second largest coalition partner.

Criticism of Scholz: Climate protest in the Ministry of Finance-World Health Summit

 Criticism of Scholz: Climate protest in the Ministry of Finance-World Health Summit Climate Protection activists entered the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin on Monday and protested with posters and speech choirs. According to the police, they stood and sat in the entrance area and on a balcony of the large building on Wilhelmstrasse. The group "Last generation" tweeted a video that showed how young people hold up transparent in a large hall. © dpa Climate protests at the World Health Summit in Berlin.

Federal Minister of Finance and FDP boss Christian Lindner welcomed the Chancellor's decision to make him public with a letter to Lindner, Habeck and Lemke. "The Federal Chancellor has now created clarity," said Lindner. "The further use of the Emsland nuclear power plant is an important contribution to network stability, electricity costs and climate protection. The proposal is therefore the full support of the Free Democrats." FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr said that the Bundestag should clear the way for it.

among the Greens emphasized Environment Minister Steffi Lemke that it will remain even after the Scholz decision. Vice Chancellor Habeck spoke in the ARD of an "unusual solution to a processed situation" for which Scholz used the "maximum authority". The Chancellor showed a way "with which I can work and live well". The tip of the Green Group "regrettable" a possible continued operation of the Emsland nuclear power plant and reserved to advise the faction "how we deal with the chancellor's decision". Green Co-boss Ricarda Lang emphasized the points that are important to her party: "It is clear that no new fuel rods are procured and that all German nuclear power plant will leave the network on April 15, 2023."

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The head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, spoke of a "clever compromise". The nuclear power reserve had long been wrestled. Habeck had only proposed after stress tests of the network operators to continue the southern German nuclear power plants until mid -April in order to be able to use them to stabilize the power grid. Initially, the Greens had completely rejected a further operation beyond 2022.

In the Chancellor letter, Scholz also announces an "ambitious law to increase energy efficiency". The coal phase -out in 2030 in the Rheinische Revier should also be implemented legally. The agreement had only received a narrow majority at the Green Federal Congress because the Lützerath lignite village is still to be dredged. According to Scholz, the Federal Government will also create the prerequisite for the addition of new, hydrogen -capable gas power plants to guarantee supply security.

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