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Opinion: Geraldo Rips Hannity’s ‘Deeply Insulting’ Video Montage on Biden’s Mental Health

Biden hits one-year mark in dire straits

  Biden hits one-year mark in dire straits President Biden will face reporters for his first news conference of the year on Wednesday with serious questions about his agenda and the health of his presidency as he nears the first anniversary of taking office.Biden has been unable to move members of his own party to back his most ambitious goals, with Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) stiff-arming the president in ways that left the White House looking ineffectual. Biden's climate and social policy package, the top priority of the White House and Democrats in Congress, appears doomed - unless parts of it can be broken up and salvaged.

Geraldo Rivera on Tuesday took issue with Sean Hannity’s portrayal of President Joe Biden as mentally in decline, calling the Fox News host’s video montage of the president and its implication “deeply insulting and highly political.”

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As he has in recent broadcasts, Hannity made it clear to viewers that he seriously doubts whether Biden is fit for the job. After contrasting clips of Biden in past decades with a GOP ad designed to draw attention to his pauses during a press conference earlier this month, Hannity said he found the difference to be “humiliating for our country.”

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  Opinion: Biden doesn't see his presidency as a failing enterprise In his news conference marking his first year in office, President Joe Biden emphasized that despite his sinking approval numbers, rising inflation, the ongoing spread of Covid-19 and the bleak scenario for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections, this year has been of "enormous progress" -- and that may have caught some by surprise, writes Frida Ghitis"It's been a year of challenges," he declared at the outset, "but also been a year of enormous progress.

“Here’s an obvious question that no one in the media mob will dare ask: Does Joe Biden have the mental strength and capacity to serve as the president of the United States?” Hannity said. “It appears to me to be very transparent, very obvious, very clear… that Joe Biden is in a steep cognitive decline. It seems to be accelerating to me.”

Later in his show, Hannity brought on two doctors to discuss the matter. But first he invited on two non-doctors who apparently took precedence: Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino.

Although Hannity’s portrayal of Biden centered around an explicitly political video, the fact that Rivera called it “highly political” didn’t sit well with Bongino, who called Rivera the “designated leftist hack” for the purposes of the primetime segment.

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“The evidence of the man’s problems with his cognitive process to retrieve information are not weekly, they are not monthly—they are literally daily. He can’t retrieve information. It is one of the basic symptoms of a frontal lobe-type dementia or the various categories of dementia we see out there,” Bongino concluded. “Admit the guy is cognitively compromised, drop the loss, and let’s move on. It is a dying argument.”

Rivera responded that Bongino was being “shocking and outrageous” and said his “medical diagnosis” was inappropriate. Hannity objected to that label, claiming Bongino’s line about a specific form of dementia didn’t amount to a diagnosis but was merely an “obvious observation.”

Later in the conversation, Rivera claimed Bongino’s comments were designed to prime the waters for discussion of the 25th Amendment, which outlines steps for the president’s removal from office.

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  Biden Keeps Trump Immigration Policies—and Stephen Miller Is Loving It Moments after he was sworn into office, President Joe Biden made good on the first of dozens of promises he had made to immigrant communities on the campaign trail—bursting out of the gate with the repeal of some of the Trump administration’s most aggressively anti-immigration policies and the introduction of a vast legislative package that would create a path to citizenship for eight million people living in the United States. On that day,On that day, Biden looked to his pro-immigration supporters to be exceeding their highest expectations.

“That’s what you want to bring up here, just like they attacked Trump on the 25th Amendment,” Rivera said. “You want to make the case that [Biden] can be replaced.”

“I didn’t bring that up,” Bongino replied. “You brought that up.”

Rivera’s comments Tuesday night were similar to those he made on Fox airwaves earlier in the day. Appearing on The Five, he asked Dana Perino whether “the hit on Biden about his alleged senility and losing his cognitive decline” is “a little much.” The former Bush administration official sidestepped the question, saying she doesn’t make those types of remarks.

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