Politics: The Supreme Court of Brazil blocks the accounts of people suspected of finance "undemocratic" demonstrations.

Indigenous people flock to DC for ICWA hearing

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Manifestations de partisans de Jair Bolsonaro appelant à un coup d'État. - SILVIA MACHADO / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO © supplied by News 360 demonstrations by Jair Bolsonaro supporters calling for a coup. - Silvia Machado / Zuma Press / Contactophoto

Alexandre de Moraes, judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil, ordered the Central Bank to freeze the accounts of 43 natural and moral persons suspected of having financed democratic rallies and roadblocks in The whole country to protest against the electoral victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Among these "illicit" demonstrations is the camp at the army's siege in Brasilia, during which slogans of coup d'etat and military intervention against the institutions were heard. Mr. de Moraes also gave the federal police for ten days to collect the declarations of the suspects.

Trump Georgia election investigation, with boost from Jan. 6 committee, enters new phase

  Trump Georgia election investigation, with boost from Jan. 6 committee, enters new phase The Jan. 6 committee's work is likely to have the most immediate impact in Georgia, where prosecutors are entering a crucial phase of their probe.From repeated attempts to pressure the Justice Department to amplify false claims of election fraud to summoning the mob that stormed the Capitol, the former president’s often-desperate attempts to cling to power are behind the most striking images to emerge from the extraordinary congressional investigation.

of Moraes considers that there is a "repeated abuse of the right of meeting", using it in a "illegal" and "criminal" manner to request the non-recognition of the results of the elections, as the Superior Court has endorsed Electoral (TSE), reports "O Globo".

She also claims that the "coordinated" trip from trucks to Brasilia for an "illegal rally" near army installations "in order to break the constitutional order - including calls for an" intervention Federal " - by an absurd interpretation" of the Constitution, can constitute a crime.

In his decision, Mr. de Moraes referred to the information collected by the Brazilian road police, according to which several businessmen "would finance the anti -democratic acts analyzed", either by catering and accommodation services, or by the supply of these vehicles.

Since October 30, thousands of Jair Bolsonaro supporters have blocks the country's main roads and highways with prayers and calls for military intervention, even using minors as human shields in certain regions.

Bolsonaro had to go out a few days later to disavow them, while Lula Da Silva, the winner of the elections, reproached demonstrators for not even knowing why they protested and demanded a "sporty spirit" to accept the results.

These rallies have left controversial images, like that of dozens of people salvation Nazi on the flag at Santa Catarina, the state where Bolsonaro won 69 % of the votes during the election.

Supreme Court denies Donald Trump request to block release of tax returns to House panel .
Trump's record at the Supreme Court is not particularly good, even though he nominated three of the court's current associate justices.Trump asked the high court on Oct. 31 to intervene in his long-running legal battle with the House Ways and Means Committee over access to six years of his tax returns. Since then, Trump has announced he will run for president again in 2024, and Republicans flipped enough seats to take control of the House of Representatives in early January.

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