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Politics: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends George Santos and Trump, Involves George Floyd

Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Lauren Boebert, calls her childish and mocks her struggle to get re-elected

  Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Lauren Boebert, calls her childish and mocks her struggle to get re-elected Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape in Los Angeles trial; Terry Hall, singer with ska icons The Specials, dies at 63; Tom Cruise teases “biggest stunt in cinema history” in new ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ featurette. (Dec. 20)

George Santos is in hot waters after admitting that much of his resume was not truthful. The Democrats demand his resignation before being sworn in at Congress on January 3.

While many Republicans refused to comment on the matter, some took this chance to call out Democrats and their alleged lies. One of them is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, whose series of tweets started another Twitter war.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Out Democrats, Involves George Floyd

Taylor Greene hit the Democrats with a four-part series of tweets, which started with "George Santos lied about his resume, and the left is demanding he resign."

Why Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor-Greene are fighting

  Why Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor-Greene are fighting Boebert calling out Greene over Greene's antisemitic space lasers comment signals a new agenda to distance herself from some of the MAGA crew.Boebert took a surprising swipe at Greene during an interview on Monday when asked whether she would support House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become House speaker in the next Congress, as her longtime ally Greene does. Boebert balked at the question: “Well, you know, I’ve been aligned with Marjorie and accused of believing a lot of the things that she believes in.

She continued by calling out "the left" and accusing them of lying, as she wrote:

"Ilhan Omar says she didn't marry her brother, she lied. Elizabeth Warren said she was Native American Indian, she lied. The left said George Floyd didn't die of a drug overdose, they lied."

While going after political opponents is one thing, the George Floyd comment probably won't sit well with the voters.

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Defending Trump While Going After "The Left"

Georgia's Taylor Greene continued accusing the democrats while defending former POTUS Donald Trump. She wrote:

"Dr. Rachel Levine says he's a woman, he lied. Adam Schiff said he had proof of Trump-Russian collusion, he lied. Eric Swalwell said he didn't have sex with a CCP spy, he lied."

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is officially divorced from her husband

  Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is officially divorced from her husband Her husband first filed for divorce in September, stating that their marriage had been "irretrievably broken." The divorce was finalized on Thursday.Interactions with the America First Foundation leader have also prompted GOP politicians  to deny knowing who Fuentes is and what he stands for. Embattled former President Donald Trump is currently trying to distance himself from Fuentes following a Thanksgiving holiday sit-down at Mar-a-Lago that included the rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

She then turned to Dr. Fauci:

"Fauci said the taxpayer-funded Covid-19 virus didn't come from the Wuhan lab, he lied."

She continued talking about Covid-19 while inserting January 6 committee:

"The science and medical "experts," said the taxpayer-funded Covid vaccines would stop Covid, they lied, they also said they are safe, they lied again. The Democrats, J6 committee, and media say Trump and us Republicans organized an insurrection on J6, they lied."

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Taylor Greene Gives Her Reasons For Democrats Going After Santos

In her final tweet, she accused the democrats of lying once again because "The left doesn't care about lying."

In her opinion, the real reason for George Santos' issues has nothing to do with his resume:

"The real reason they're attacking George Santos is that he the first openly gay Republican elected, and they hate him for it. I'm glad George is being honest with his district now and look forward to seeing how George legislates & votes."

‘Openly Gay’ Rep.-Elect George Santos Didn’t Disclose Divorce With Woman

  ‘Openly Gay’ Rep.-Elect George Santos Didn’t Disclose Divorce With Woman Republican congressman-elect George Santos is under new scrutiny after a New York Times report earlier this week uncovered a string of apparent outright fabrications at the heart of some of the most fundamental facts of his life, but that backstory may also be notable for what Santos did not include—a publicly undisclosed marriage. Santos, who claims he has “never experienced discrimination in the Republican Party,” broke barriers this year when he became the first openly gay non-incumbent GOP candidate elected to Congress. But according to court records obtained by The Daily Beast, Santos appears to be the subject of a previously unacknowledged Sept.

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We are waiting for the Democrats to respond to these allegations, though they seem to be busy figuring out whether there was something else they might have missed about George Santos.

So far, he has been accused of lying about his education and work history, which he confirmed. His religion, family history, and alleged marriage to a woman are still being investigated, as are his properties.

What do you think, will “the left” unleash their fury on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene? Should Floyd’s family react? Drop a comment!


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Gabbard, Doubles Down on George Santos Defense .
Greene repeated her support for Santos after he was grilled in an interview with former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for lying during his campaign.Santos is facing calls to resign after admitting to making multiple false statements regarding his background and qualifications in his successful campaign run for New York's 3rd Congressional District in the fall. Santos was later grilled about his "blatant lies" by former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard during an episode of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight in which Gabbard filled in as guest host.

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