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Politics: Why Joe Biden's life will quickly get miserable if Republicans take over the House

Biden's political standing fuels Democratic worry about 2024

  Biden's political standing fuels Democratic worry about 2024 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — It was supposed to be a moment of triumph for Joe Biden. The Democratic president had just signed into law the most significant infrastructure package in generations. And he had done it by bringing Democrats and Republicans together, just as he promised during last year's campaign. But when Biden arrived in New Hampshire last week to promote the $1 trillion package at the foot of a crumbling bridge, not all of his VIP guests were in the mood to celebrate. © Provided by Associated Press FILE - President Joe Biden speaks before signing the $1.

With a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate, such an impeachment could result in a conviction, which would remove biden * from office. He would be the first American president removed from office due to impeachment. When Vice President Harris is sworn in, she will know that either On the other hand, she might be able to skate through the proceedings and avoid a conviction, allowing her to join Trump and Clinton as impeached but acquitted Presidents. If she is convicted, the Speaker of the House , whom we will assume is Kevin McCarthy, becomes president until the 2024 election.

It' s why I honestly cannot take Republicans or their supporters seriously anymore. Here' s what I see: they are ALWAYS GODDAMNED WHINING about jobs and opportunity. The only way to get a R voter to go Dem is to make their lives so much better that R lies don't seem as appealing. And meeting R' s in the middle is never going to get you there because they are aware of these facts. And every time you go for bipartisanship over progress, that R voter grows further away and your own voters start to follow.

Congressional Republicans have big plans to thwart the Biden administration's agenda. AP Photo/Evan Vucci © AP Photo/Evan Vucci Congressional Republicans have big plans to thwart the Biden administration's agenda. AP Photo/Evan Vucci
  • Republicans have big plans to thwart Joe Biden if they reclaim the US House.
  • Biden foes like Reps. Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene would get more powerful.
  • The GOP can't wait to grill Cabinet secretaries and investigate Hunter Biden.

Republicans can't wait to make Joe Biden's life miserable if they take back control of the US House in the upcoming midterm elections.

Odds are high that the GOP will wrest control of the House from Democrats in 2022. They've got a decent shot of winning back the Senate, too. And House Republicans are feeling so confident that they're already drafting their playbook for taking on the Biden administration once they've got more power on Capitol Hill.

Bidens open holidays with Christmas tree and 'friendsgiving'

  Bidens open holidays with Christmas tree and 'friendsgiving' WASHINGTON (AP) — Jill Biden opened the holiday season at the White House by breaking off a sprig from the official Blue Room tree and giving it — and a big smooch — to her toddler grandson. “Look how beautiful this is,” the first lady said of the 18 1/2-foot (5.6 meter) Fraser fir that was delivered by wagon to her Pennsylvania Avenue doorstep by Clydesdale horses named Ben and Winston. “It is beautiful. It's magnificent, really,” she said Monday.The first lady later joined President Joe Biden for a visit to the Army’s Fort Bragg in North Carolina to celebrate “friendsgiving” with service members and military families.

Over the years, Biden , in speeches and interviews, has often taken pains to let listeners know that he’s taking an unpopular stance, being explicit about the risk he knows he’s taking . With this year’s presidential contest being fought over the terrain of electability, Biden ’ s 35-plus-year effort to cut Social Security, arguably the most popular government program in existence, is potentially a major liability among older voters — and hypocrisy has never held Trump back from making an effective political attack.

President Biden said the country ' took a monumental step forward' after the House passed the .2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill with a vote of 228 to 206 on Friday night. The vote late on Friday night is a substantial triumph for Biden ' s Democrats, who have bickered for months over the 'This will make it easier for companies to get goods to market more quickly and reduce supply chain bottlenecks now and for decades to come. This will ease inflationary pressures and lower costs for working families. 'Generations from now, people will look back and know this is when America won the

Insider asked some of the very Republicans poised to take charge what they'd do if American voters decide to put them back in the majority in Congress. Their plans: theatrical oversight hearings, investigations into Hunter Biden's art sales, and maybe even one or more Biden impeachments.

"No government agency will want to receive a letter from us," said Rep. James Comer, a Kentucky Republican who is now the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee and is in position to become its next chairman if the GOP takes the majority.

Analysis: Joe Biden spins a message of hope as an anxious nation readies for Thanksgiving

  Analysis: Joe Biden spins a message of hope as an anxious nation readies for Thanksgiving When a president has to assure Americans there'll be enough turkey for Thanksgiving, it's a sure sign of national malaise. © Alex Wong/Getty Images WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 23: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks on the economy during an event at the South Court Auditorium at Eisenhower Executive Office Building on November 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of the Department of Energy to combat high energy prices which are at a seven-year high across the nation prior to the holiday travel season.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden addresses the crowd during a South Carolina campaign launch party on February 11, 2020 in Columbia, South Carolina. Biden played it brilliantly at first, comically taking off his jacket as if he physically needed to prepare for the tougher question. Then the woman proceeded to ask Biden if he could recover from his weak finish in Iowa. Biden began by trying to explain that Iowa' s caucus system is different and he quickly asked the woman if she had ever been to a caucus.

Biden advocated for increased use of civil asset forfeiture by law enforcement agencies.[65] Biden played a key part in the passage of the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act in 1983, partnering with Strom Thurmond, a conservative Republican . A Washington Post article described Biden ' s role in the negotiations: "He got the Democrats to agree to strengthen forfeiture laws and allow judges to hold more defendants without bail; he persuaded the Republicans all of them, take out the criminals, get them back, and provide for a means by which we allow earned citizenship over the next decade or so.

Republicans are making the case that handing them majorities in the House and Senate would allow them to provide a check against the Biden administration. They argue that Democratic leadership in both chambers of Congress has failed to hold the administration accountable so far.

Biden wishes Americans happy, closer-to-normal Thanksgiving

  Biden wishes Americans happy, closer-to-normal Thanksgiving NANTUCKET, Mass. (AP) — President Joe Biden on Thursday wished Americans a happy and closer-to-normal Thanksgiving, the second celebrated in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, in remarks welcoming the resumption of holiday traditions by millions of families — including his own. “As we give thanks for what we have, we also keep in our hearts those who have been lost and those who have lost so much,” the president said in a videotaped greeting recorded with first lady Jill Biden at the White House before their trip to Nantucket, Massachusetts, for the holiday. On the island, the Bidens visited the Coast Guard station at Brant Point to meet virtually with U.S.

“I’ve watched Joe Biden since he was first elected [to the Senate] in 1972,” Sabato said. “He was full of energy and joking around and had a big personality but I don’t think anyone has associated the word ‘vision’ with Joe Biden . Democrats are looking for a vision; Biden ’ s vision is to go back to Obama’s policies. Moe Vela, who was director of administration and senior adviser to Biden at the White House , said: “In Iowa I saw one of the most inferior ground games in politics. I have never seen anything so inept.

Democrats made the same pitch in the midterm elections during President Donald Trump's administration, and their House takeover in 2019 dramatically shifted the power dynamic in Washington and paved the way for Trump's two impeachments.

"Everyone's frustrated with the Biden administration," Comer told Insider in a recent interview on Capitol Hill. "What they see in Congress now is absolutely no oversight to the Biden administration. Like who was held accountable for Afghanistan? Who's held accountable for the lack of border security? No one," he added. "Someone needs to hold them accountable and provide oversight, and we're going to do that."

House Republicans want to investigate Hunter Biden's art sales. Paul Morigi/Getty Images © Paul Morigi/Getty Images House Republicans want to investigate Hunter Biden's art sales. Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Clear your calendars, Cabinet secretaries

Comer expects a GOP-led Oversight Committee to be ground zero for GOP spats with the Biden administration, and that means the president's Cabinet secretaries should expect regular grillings on Capitol Hill. "We've got problems with just about every one of them with respect to oversight," Comer said.

Fact check: Conspiracy theory falsely says Biden arrested in plot to make Trump president

  Fact check: Conspiracy theory falsely says Biden arrested in plot to make Trump president President Joe Biden has not been arrested – he's made public appearances since the Facebook video was published. The video's claim is false.A July 26 Facebook Live video with more than 59,000 views says Biden's days in the White House are numbered.

Another top target for GOP investigations: Hunter Biden.

The president's son is a favorite target for Republicans who want to investigate Hunter Biden's international business dealings as well as his recent art sales. Comer has questioned whether would-be art buyers might try to seek improper influence over the White House by purchasing Hunter Biden's work. White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in October that the White House wouldn't know who was buying the art.

"Hunter Biden is at the top of the list," Comer told Insider recently. "All I want to know is who bought that original art. And that's not being nosy, that's based upon a pattern of bad behavior for Hunter Biden."

The Biden White House would undoubtedly shift into a defensive posture if it's dealing with an antagonistic GOP majority from either chamber of Congress that suddenly has the power to issue subpoenas. The Trump and Obama administrations both made personnel changes, altered their legislative agendas, and braced for regular oversight hearings when the House switched parties after those administrations' first two years in office.

NDAA, debt ceiling, government funding: Here's what's left for Congress to address in 2021

  NDAA, debt ceiling, government funding: Here's what's left for Congress to address in 2021 Both chambers of Congress will be working to try to avoid a government shut and default, as well approve a must-pass national security package.Both chambers of Congress will be working in overdrive to try to avoid a government shut and default, both of which would be catastrophic for the economy, which has already been grappling with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White House did not respond to Insider's request for comment for this story.

Biden impeachment prospects

Republicans also have big plans to overhaul the House Judiciary Committee, which counts some of the Biden administration's most vocal critics as its members. That committee is also typically where impeachment investigations and hearings take place.

Rep. Jim Jordan — an Ohio Republican who's a leader of the House's most conservative GOP faction and is one of Trump's staunchest defenders on Capitol Hill — stands to become the chairman of the powerful panel if his party takes the House.

"Lord willing, I think we're going to take back the majority and I want to be the chair of the Judiciary Committee," Jordan told Insider in a November interview.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the House, could have a tough time mustering enough votes to become the next House speaker if the GOP clinches the chamber. Jordan challenged McCarthy for the minority leader slot in 2018, but the Ohio Republican said there's "zero" chance that he'll be the next House speaker and that he's focused on becoming Judiciary chairman.

Some House Republicans are already trying to impeach Biden, but the effort is entirely symbolic with Democrats in the majority. Several Republicans filed impeachment articles in September, for example, criticizing Biden's withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, his immigration policies, and his administration's eviction moratorium. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia filed articles of impeachment against Biden the day after he was sworn in, calling him "unfit" for the presidency.

Dems want Biden to start swinging at Republicans. Allies aren’t sure he can.

  Dems want Biden to start swinging at Republicans. Allies aren’t sure he can. Inside the White House a debate rages over how hard the president should attack Republicans heading into the midterms.WIth the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law, Democratic lawmakers and party leaders say Biden needs to relentlessly hammer GOP lawmakers for opposing his economic priorities and hampering progress on the pandemic and inflation.

Impeachment talk could gain traction if Republicans are in the majority, but the GOP might risk blowback if they pursue a move that the public perceives as overtly political. And even if Biden were impeached in the House, he's unlikely to be ousted by a Senate where two-thirds of the chamber would need to support his removal — something that's never before happened in US history.

Asked whether Republicans would pursue impeachment against Biden, Jordan said, "I don't know. What I do know is that he's had the worst presidency in history. It's been a complete disaster."

Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Matt Gaetz of Florida will get more powerful if Republicans take back the US House. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images © Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Matt Gaetz of Florida will get more powerful if Republicans take back the US House. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Chairman Matt Gaetz?

Biden won't just be dealing with committee leaders who have power. Some of the far-right GOP gadflies who are often treated as Hill sideshows would be emboldened to make problems for the Democratic administration.

For starters, Jordan wants to elevate Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican who is another staunch Trump defender and who is the subject of a federal sex-trafficking investigation. Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing.

In a recent interview on Gaetz's podcast, Jordan said he wants to see Gaetz chairing a Judiciary subcommittee, "whichever one he wants."

McCarthy has also vowed to put flame throwing Republican Reps. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Greene of Georgia back on committees if the GOP takes the majority.

The current Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, said he thinks Democrats will hold onto the House in the midterms. But as for a potential Jordan chairmanship, Nadler said, "Jordan frightens me. He's off the wall." Gaetz, Nadler told Insider, "is a little more sensible."

Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat who also serves on the Judiciary Committee, predicted "chaos" if Republicans retake the House. Emboldening conservatives in the House like Jordan, Gaetz, and Greene is a "dreadful" prospect, Cohen told Insider.

"My father was superintendent of a mental institution," he said, "so I think about things like this."

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