Politics: The Nuts disputes the amending finance law before the Constitutional Council

Atlantic Council cuts ties to Koch-funded foreign policy initiative

  Atlantic Council cuts ties to Koch-funded foreign policy initiative Business tycoon Charles Koch gave the D.C. think tank $4.5 million for the initiative, which has found a new home.Koch, who is a major funder of conservative, libertarian and philanthropic initiatives, provided the Council with a $4.5 million grant in 2020. The money was designed to set up the New American Engagement Initiative, a national security effort that planned to use the funds to support scholars and their efforts, which was housed under the Council’s Scowcroft Center for Security and Strategy.

Jeudi 4 août dans l'hémicycle de l'Assemblée nationale. © Magali Cohen Thursday August 4 in the hemicycle of the National Assembly.

bis repetita. At the end of July, the rebellious deputies had seized the Constitutional Council to challenge the health law. This Friday, all the parliamentary groups of the new popular, ecological and social union (Nuts) asked him to verify the conformity to Constitution of the Autitative Finance Law 2022 (LFR), adopted Thursday by Parliament. In a press release, the intergroup of the united left criticizes the text for being "contrary to several constitutional principles".

Insoumis elected officials, socialists, communists and environmentalists thus raise three measures which, according to them, are problematic: the monetization of RTTs, the abolition of the audiovisual fee and a ignorance of the principle of "budgetary sincerity". In their press release, they thus assure that the redemption of RTT is an "budget rider", that is to say a legislative provision which has no place within the framework of a finance law.

COVID-19: The Constitutional Council gives its approval to the new health bill

 COVID-19: The Constitutional Council gives its approval to the new health bill of the deputies of rebellious France had filed an appeal to the subject of the overseas territories, believing that they were the subject of a difference in treatment "Unjustified". © supplied by Franceinfo He gave the green light. The Constitutional Council validated, Saturday, July 30, the new health bill. Definitely adopted by Parliament Tuesday, this text ends, as of Sunday, in the health pass and other exceptional measures against the COVVI-19 .

Another point raised: the coalition considers that law "ignores the principle of budgetary sincerity due to the chronic and manifest undervaluation of the forecasts of revenue". He cites all finance bills since 2017 to attest to this undervaluation which would allow the government of "display at the end of the year a much better result than that provided for in the finance law examined by the parliamentary rooms ”.

"damage" to the independence of public audiovisual

Finally, the deputies see in the abolition of the audiovisual royalty an "attack" at the independence of public audiovisual. For them, the system implemented by the government, allocating part of the VAT to the Budgets of France Télévisions and Radio France, is not enough to ensure "security" of its funding. For the professor of public law at the Grenoble Alpes University, Serge Slama, “The Constitutional Council could seize this opportunity to make a decision in principle on the independence of audiovisual, without necessarily censor the text referred, but fixing minimum requirements regarding its funding ”.

Republicans' next big play is to 'scare the hell out of Washington' by rewriting the Constitution. And they're willing to play the long game to win.

  Republicans' next big play is to 'scare the hell out of Washington' by rewriting the Constitution. And they're willing to play the long game to win. Conservative activists are making steady progress toward convening a never-before-accomplished convention that could reshape the Constitution.It would become a conservative nation.

Insoumis and environmentalists have written a second appeal to challenge certain provisions of the other law of the "package power package". According to them, this text adopted Monday contains several provisions which bear "a serious and manifest damage to the constitutional objective of environmental protection", resulting from the 2004 environment charter. The projects attacked are those of The resumption of activity of The coal power plant of Saint-Avold (Moselle) and the commissioning of a minor terminal on water in Le Havre which will import shale gas from the States- United, two very polluting fossil fuels.

For Serge Slama, the decision can be rendered very quickly: "The dispute by law by opposition groups is very frequent. The Constitutional Council knows that there will be a referral, it prepares the work upstream and can even have informal exchanges with parliamentarians on possible referrals. " For health law, the referral by the rebellious of July 27 and the decision - in accordance with the Constitution - barely fell three days later. The left, which has hardly managed to make the executive stumble in the hemicycle, hopes, before its holidays, a hand of the wise men to get there.

Important takeaways from Kansas’ vote for a constitutional right to abortion .
Including Kansas, 10 states have recognized the right to abortion under their own state constitutions. This is immensely important in our new post-Roe reality. Although the Supreme Court has issued its decision reversing a half-century of precedent that recognized that right, in time, the court should again acknowledge that abortion is also embedded in the federal constitution and is a fundamental federal constitutional right. Elyssa Spitzer is a senior policy analyst for the Women’s Initiative at the Center for American Progress. For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, head to The Hill.

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