Politics: Disney's Hulu to run political issue ads after facing backlash

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Disney will allow political issue ads to run on Hulu, the company confirmed Wednesday, days after Democrats criticized the streaming platform for declining to run digital advertisements on guns and abortions.

The Disney-backed platform's advertising guidelines will now fall in line with Disney's cable networks, which include ESPN and FX, after years of prohibiting issue advertising.


"Hulu will now accept candidate and issue advertisements covering a wide spectrum of policy positions, but reserves the right to request edits or alternative creative, in alignment with industry standards," Disney told Axios.

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Disney said the decision comes after a "thorough review of ad policies" and that it may still ask clients to edit ads to meet its standards.

Earlier this week, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Governors Association said they tried to purchase joint ads touching on abortion rights and guns earlier this month that never ran on the platform.


"Voters have the right to know the facts about MAGA Republicans’ agenda on issues like abortion — and Hulu is doing a huge disservice to the American people by blocking voters from learning the truth about the GOP record or denying these issues from even being discussed," a joint statement read.

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As a streaming service, Hulu is not required by the Communications Act of 1934 to abide by the same requirements as broadcast networks, which must provide politicians equal access to political advertising.

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