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Tesla Quartals number: Tesla can almost double profit

 Tesla Quartals number: Tesla can almost double profit © provided by Handelsblatt you will find all the important quarterly figures of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = On July 20, Tesla presented the financial results for Q2 2022. Find the current quarterly figures here and comparisons to previous years. The most important thing about Tesla's quarterly figures in Q2 was able to deliver over 254,000 vehicles. the company achieved sales in Q2 of $ 16.9 billion. The company's profit in Q2 2022 was $ 2.3 billion

The electric car maker Tesla has further legal trouble because of his names such as "Autopilot" and "Full Self-Driving". A US law firm submitted a lawsuit on Wednesday (local time) on behalf of a Tesla owner who accuses the company of Tech billionaire Elon Musk misleading advertising promises. At first there was no statement by Tesla.

Elektrofahrzeug vom Typ Model Y stehen in der Tesla-Fabrik Berlin Brandenburg auf einem Band. © Patrick Pleul/DPA Central Picture Pool/dpa electric vehicle of the Model Y electric vehicle is on a volume in the Tesla Fabrik Berlin Brandenburg.

Tesla deceived the public when applying the programs, according to the lawsuit. Since 2016, the manufacturer has suggested that its technologies for self -driving cars were already fully functional or before. In fact, the software is still immature and insecure. The promises had "turned out to be wrong again and again". Customers who received updates from the programs are on the road as “unskilled test engineers”.

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Tesla boss Musk always emphasizes that his company's software makes driving safer and helps to avoid accidents. Tesla points out the customers that they are assistance systems and that drivers have to keep their hands on the steering wheel at any time and be ready to take control of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the programs are controversial - also because designations such as “autopilot” and “full self -driving” sound after completely autonomous driving.

In August, California's traffic authority already sued for false advertising promises at Tesla's driving assistance software against the car manufacturer. What is certain is that in the past, customers have repeatedly been carried away to daring actions. There are several videos of risky maneuvers on the Internet, where drivers rely on the programs. In June, the US transport authority expanded an “autopilot” examination after a series of rear-end collisions.

Report: Tesla driver lost scholarship before fiery crash .
MIAMI (AP) — A 20-year-old Tesla driver who died with a passenger in a fiery, high-speed crash on a residential South Florida street last year might have been upset after learning he had lost a scholarship, federal investigators said. The National Transportation Safety Board released new documents Tuesday saying the driver of the 2021 Model 3 sedan had learned several hours before the Sept. 13, 2021, crash that he had lost a scholarship at Florida International University. The school's main campus is located just west of Miami. The driver's friends and family told investigators that he didn't seem unusually perturbed about the scholarship, according to the NTSB report.

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