Technology: Despite the floods, Pakistanis would have destroyed tomatoes for religious reasons? This is false

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Pakistan has experienced dramatic floods since June

Fake Off - Pakistan has experienced dramatic floods since June

since last June, the Pakistanis have been under the worst monsoon rains seen in the country for three decades. This historical precipitation led to floods that caused thousands of deaths.

Another dramatic consequence of the disaster, the country's agricultural crops are hardly affected and the country manages to wait for international aid to support its needs. Aid slowed down by difficult conditions.

However, according to a video that has become viral on certain social networks, any help would not necessarily welcome. We see a man filming each other with Pakistanis in the background, who throw cagettes filled with tomatoes on the ground and crush them, shouting.

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Capture d'écran de la vidéo de désinformation - Capture d'écran © supplied by 20 minutes screenshot of the disinformation video - screenshot

Many Internet users shared this video by explaining the Pakistanis destroying these tomatoes because they were offered in help by Iran, A country with Shiite majority, a current often opposed to the Sunni current, majority in Pakistan .

An assertion to be taken with great caution since everything suggests that it is inaccurate.

Fake Off

The video was posted on Twitter by a man who calls himself Major Gaurav Arya. According to his "organic" Twitter , he is a former soldier of the Indian army who became a television consultant. A quick internet research shows that it appears well in different Indians programs which deal in particular with military conflicts.

Officials: Fire at Coptic church in Cairo kills 41, hurts 14

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He comments on this video well by explaining that the Pakistanis destroy tomatoes because they are "considered Shiite". But one thing immediately challenges the video: it is a fairly rude montage. If he acts as if he were present during this scene, we quickly notice that he was filmed, probably in front of a green background, and that he superimposed his image to the crushed tomato scene.

Commercial and non -religious patterns

A strong impression confirmed by some research on social networks where this same scene finds, posted by different Internet users a few days earlier, and above all ... without the man in front of who films himself.

Also, several national media reported the scene of these men emptying a truck to extract and throw the tomatoes. And their explanation is quite different. According to the Pakistani Information site Dawn, these are demonstrators who stopped tomato trucks imported from Iran, in Mangochar in the Kalat district, to plunder them and destroy the goods.

Pakistan: Nabi and his wife take turns to carry their child, in the

 Pakistan: Nabi and his wife take turns to carry their child, in the floods in Pakistan exceptional floods have already left more than 1,000 dead. Nearly 300,000 houses were destroyed. This unprecedented monsoon season has affected the four provinces of the country. View onononews © AP Photo of the Pakistanis flee the rise of the waters of the exhausted villagers in southern Pakistan are held in the middle of their flooded houses, seeing most of their goods and their sources of income carried by the floods.

This video went viral since yesterding alluding a sectarian angle when farmers/traders of mangochar, qalat, 120 km south west of quetta destroyed tomatoes and other vegetable coming from Iran. The Protesters Said Their Crops Were Ready and Govt Should Stop The Import. #FactCheck

- Murtaza Solangi (@murtazasolangi) September 10, 2022

but the reason for the protest would have nothing to do with religion. The demonstrators are local farmers and producers who rise against the importation of a commodity that competes with theirs.

Fruits and vegetables that have become too expensive because of the

floods in fact, with the disasters experienced by crops, the price of certain foods exploded in the country. The country's government would have decided, to combat this inflation, to buy stocks of different products (tomatoes, onions, etc.) from its neighbors ( India , Afghanistan and therefore Iran ).

But these goods, available at a lower cost that local products, would prevent the Pakistanis from selling their harvests that arrive on the market during this period. The demonstration, and the destruction of the Iranian tomatoes, would therefore be a message sent to the authorities to ask them to favor local producers, already strongly affected by the floods and which would suffer, in addition, loss of income due to competition that 'They deem unfair.

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