Technology: Great Departure Day: Disposal at the DAX continues

DAX defies weak ifo data - change of management VW

 DAX defies weak ifo data - change of management VW The DAX has made up for the initial losses again during the Monday morning. At noon, the German leading index was 0.39 percent on a plus of 13,305.35 points. © Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany. The weak ifo business climate was not in the way of the DAX recovery. The IFO index, as Germany's most important economic early indicator, took a surprisingly significant cloud of mood in the German economy for July - it fell at a two -year low.

The German leading index Dax continues in Friday trading.

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The DAX is 1.09 percent at 12,814.92 points.

Before the major expiry date, the German stock market continues the recent descent on Friday. Wall signals come from Wall Street, which recorded new losses on the evening before especially technology values.

, some of some positive economic data from China, where retail and industry recently developed unexpectedly well, are hardly rewarded on the market, it was said by Börsians. The oil -processing industry of the world's largest oil importer remained under pressure. In addition, the concerns about the high inflation and the fear of an economic downturn in the trade, as well as the question of the further monetary policy of the central banks.

DAX stable before US labor market report

 DAX stable before US labor market report After a so far quite gratifying stock exchange week on the German stock market, the leading index Dax increased slightly again on Friday in early retail. It was in early trade with 0.15 percent in plus 13,682 points. For the first week of August, a profit of one and a half percent. Until the publication of the US labor market report for the month of July in the early afternoon, investors could still keep themselves covered.

With the losses, the DAX is heading for a weak week again after the German leading index had increased significantly on Tuesday at an intermediate high at 13,564 points. But the previous relaxation was quickly collapsed with the shock in view of the stubborn inflation in the USA. A drastic interest rate of at least 0.75 percentage points is expected of the currency huts of the FED, but more and more speculating by a key interest rate increase by a whole percentage point.

before the weekend, however, it could be interesting again because of the great expiry of the appointment exchanges. There are often larger price fluctuations here because some investors try to drive the courses in a favorable direction for them. According to portfolio manager Thomas Altmann from QC Partners, the view is aimed primarily at the expiry of the options on the DAX. "The 13,000 was recently the hard -fought brand between Bullen and Bären. With today's expiration date, the option market could have a say in the future direction in the DAX," explains the stock exchange expert.

HelloFresh share at the end of the DAX: US authority warns of coli bacteria in cattle hack from Hellofresh-Kochboxes .
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