Technology: Myth Moon Landing: What NASA does not hide

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  The Best August Events in Each State Remnants of the Long March 5 crashed to Earth over the Indian Ocean in an uncontrolled descent from orbit, the U.S. officials said. Footage circulating online showed the debris lighting up the sky over Malaysia. Photo: Li Gang/Associated Press

We believe that our story is like a map - openlessly opened up, by contemporary witnesses, chroniclers and historians. In fact, what we know is a fraction of the truth.

Die Erde vom Mond aus © Vitaly Kusaylo/iStock The earth from the moon from

, because mostly only of a historical event only sticks to what is good for legend formation - while other details are deliberately omitted and thus disappear in the fog of time. As a result, every myth poses the risk of giving us a distorted image of the story, which is settled and becomes a truth.

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, however, who knows all the background of an event can be Sitting together a puzzle and penetrating the secrets that surround it.

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myth moon landing: What do NASA do not see what experienced us experienced Eugene Cernan on the dark side of the moon?

May 1969: Two months before the first person enters the moon, the forerunner mission Apollo 10 course on the earth's trabant. It is the last test flight in front of Neil Armstrongs legendary landing. At first everything runs routinely - but when the three men fly over the earth's earth, something strange happens.

"Do you hear that, this whistling sound? Whooooooo!" "It sounds like extraterrestrial music." "This is incredible!" The mysterious noises that the three astronauts Eugene Cernan, Thomas Stafford and John Young hear at their headsets at this moment differ from everything they have ever heard in space. And what makes the whole thing even more puzzling: At this point, they are already outside the radio contact to Earth, because the moon blocks the path to the radio waves.

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Since the tones are only recorded in the spaceship, nobody has any noise in the NASA control center in Houston . Only when the capsule emerges behind the moon does it become quiet again in the radio equipment of the astronauts, which promptly begin to discuss whether they should report what they have experienced on the dark side of the moon. There is a simple reason that they do not report directly to the floor station: they are afraid that they will be declared crazy and will no longer be used for future space missions.

a fear that seems justified. After returning to earth, the NASA actually decides to take the transcripts from the on -board radio under closure. It was only in 2008 that they are found and released in the archives. Researchers still give up what the noises could be with noise. The most obvious explanation: there were overlays of the radio waves. However, this thesis is not proven. And the fact that the NASA has operated such a great deal of confidentiality for the incident for decades is at least as puzzling as the mystery itself.

Mission Artemis 1. New attempt to take off on Saturday for the NASA rocket to the Moon

 Mission Artemis 1. New attempt to take off on Saturday for the NASA rocket to the Moon © Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP Cape Canaveral, Florida - Tuesday August 30, in NASA. During a press briefing Tuesday, August 30, NASA announced that a new test to launch the rocket of the Artemis 1 mission on the Moon will take place on Saturday, after a first attempt failed on Monday because of a technical problem .

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Nearly 37 years after the Challenger tragedy, a crew found a remnant of the shuttle off the coast of Florida.The artifact was discovered by a documentary television crew that was looking for World War II-era plane debris, NASA confirmed in a news release on Thursday. Divers spotted "a large humanmade object covered partially by sand on the seafloor,” and the team contacted NASA because the materials looked modern and were located close to Florida’s Space Coast.

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