Technology: China: A robot woman piloted by an AI becomes CEO of a company of several thousand employees

'China threat' emerges in elections from UK to Australia

  'China threat' emerges in elections from UK to Australia LONDON (AP) — It's not just the economy. While inflation and recession fears weigh heavily on the minds of voters, another issue is popping up in political campaigns from the U.K. and Australia to the U.S. and beyond: the “China threat." The two finalists vying to become Britain's next prime minister, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, clashed in a televised debate last month over who would be toughest on China. It's a stark departure from outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s business-focused “Sinophile” approach and part of a hardening of anti-China rhetoric in many Western countries and other democracies, like Japan, that is coming out in election campaigns.

a first in a country, where robots are already very present. But this time, this is an additional step that is taken with this humanoid robot and its artificial intelligence.

  Chine : une femme robot pilotée par une IA devient PDG d'une entreprise de plusieurs milliers de salariés © supplied by Franceinfo

It is not science fiction. A robot woman has just been named at the head of a large Chinese company. One of the Chinese video game leaders, Netdragon Websoft, is the source of this first and entrusted its subsidiary, Fujian Netdragon Websoft, to an artificial intelligence. The idea actually dates back to several years. In 2017, thanks to AI, the company decided to create a virtual character and give him responsibilities. The company, at the time, wanted to show its customers that the artificial intelligence it develops for its games can also work in the real life of the company.

The US could lose up to 900 warplanes fighting a Chinese invasion of Taiwan but would emerge victorious, says think tank

  The US could lose up to 900 warplanes fighting a Chinese invasion of Taiwan but would emerge victorious, says think tank The Center for Strategic and International Studies war games found the US and Taiwan would defeat a Chinese invasion – at great cost for all sides.Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his country's nuclear forces to an increased state of readiness just a few days after invading Ukraine and threatened Western countries with "consequences greater than any you have faced in history" if they become involved.

This character is therefore Tang Yu, a robot woman who started by occupying the company's number 2 post, before being appointed to a company's CEO of the company. It’s new. Net D Ragon Websoft has several thousand employees and brews billions of dollars. Internally, this is called a virtual digital leader but who still has a physical appearance. The face of the Robot CEO appears on computers in the form of a humanoid, with sound, strict costume, its perfect haircut. Thanks to artificial intelligence, she is also able to express herself.

A CEO that works 24 hours a day, but is it really the robot that runs the company? Yes and no, because obviously, it is humans who program the robot and who can disconnect it at any time. Its powers are therefore not unlimited, but once the program is launched, the CEO Robot works in an almost "normal" way. It is able to approve, sign documents, such as any CEO, but also to manage projects, assess staff performance, and possibly decide to sanctions. "Tang Yu will rationalize the processes, improve the quality of work tasks and the speed of execution," says Netdragon. The company highlights its rationality and logic, because unlike humans, it has no feelings. The Robot CEO has the advantage of working 24 hours a day, and all that, without being paid.

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