Technology: energy. Do help devices apply to collective heaters?

Russia may face a domestic energy crunch as production slows following EU's oil embargo, natural-gas cuts to Europe

  Russia may face a domestic energy crunch as production slows following EU's oil embargo, natural-gas cuts to Europe A halt in natural-gas supplies to Europe could cost Russia $6.6 billion a year, according to an internal report for the Kremlin, per Bloomberg.While Russia is an energy giant, most of its exports go to European customers. In 2021, Europe snapped up about half of Russia's oil products and three-quarters of its natural gas, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Les personnes utilisant un chauffage collectif peuvent payer leurs factures avec les différentes aides à condition que leur immeuble soit équipé d’un répartiteur de frais de chauffage. © Mathieu Charrier / Archives Ouest-France People using collective heating can pay their bills with the various aids provided that their building is equipped with a heating fee distributor.

Several devices have been put in place by the state to cope with the increase in energy prices. In addition to the energy check, in force since 2018, some households will receive an exceptional energy check. Additional aid is also provided for about half of the households using domestic fuel oil. Can these aids be used to pay for collective heating bills? We explain to you.

“Aid for fuel oil heating will be distributed to individuals. When it is for people who, like me, have collective fuel oil heating, that we pay in our charges. Can we benefit from this help? Sylviane here refers to , exceptional aid for individuals who heat their home with Fioul . The goal ? Facing the increase in energy prices. What is the amount of this aid? How is it attributed? Can it be used to pay the charges, rental or condominiums, linked to collective heating? Ouest-France answers you.

Shaken and stirred: Ukraine war hits James Bond's glassmaker

  Shaken and stirred: Ukraine war hits James Bond's glassmaker LA CHAPELLE-SAINT-MESMIN, France (AP) — For the glassmakers at iconic French tableware brand Duralex, the mornings have become a horror show. Daily updates from energy traders drop into their email inboxes, showing the asphyxiating upward climb of prices for the natural gas and electricity that power their energy-devouring business. Before Europe's energy crisis — which took off after the COVID-19 pandemic and became a full-blown economic threat with Russia's war in Ukraine — the price charts were reassuringly stable.

Between 100 and 200 € depending on the

income three million people heat up thanks to fuel oil in France. The new aid announced by the State should concern "The most modest households, or 1.5 million people" , explains the site. Eligible households will receive between 100 and 200 €, depending on their income. “The resource ceilings not to be exceeded to benefit will soon be communicated. This new boost can be combined with other aids, such as the energy check or the exceptional energy check .

But what about people who use collective heating? If you are in this situation, you cannot use these different aids to pay for your charges, whether rental or condominiums.

An exception exists: if your accommodation is equipped with a sub which sub which. In this case, you can adjust your heating thanks to the energy check for example. The same goes for everything related to your individual consumption, such as electricity.

California will BAN all new gas-fueled furnaces and heaters by 2030

  California will BAN all new gas-fueled furnaces and heaters by 2030 California is set to phase out new natural gas furnaces and heaters by 2030, which means all new homes and building must be constructed with electrical services.The proposal, included in the 2022 State Implementation Plan (SIP) Strategy, is to combat nitrogen oxide pollution in the state - homes and buildings generate four times more ozone than all of California's gas power plants combined.

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Aids to finance energy work

Two types of collective housing escape this rule : the "APL approved housing units, for which the energy charges are entirely collective and integrated into housing expenditure" and The "EHPAD, EHPA (accommodation establishment for the elderly) , Autonomy residences or establishments or long -term care units" .

In the first case, the energy check can be used "in payment of the royalty due to the home manager" . In the second, the check must be given to the establishment manager. The latter will then deduce him from the rent.

Note: the energy check can also be used to finance part of the replacement costs of a fuel oil boiler. "It is now forbidden to install this type of tank. Additional devices, such as departmental aids, exist to support the change to other types of energy ”, explains Abdelkarim Belhaj, Director General of the Departmental Information Agency on Housing (ADIL) of Seine- Maritime.

Nord Stream pipeline carrying Russian gas was blown up in an intentional 'gross sabotage,' Sweden says .
Multiple leaks were detected in the pipelines that brought gas from Russia to Europe in September, prompting allegations of sabotage.Government officials on Tuesday said water had been fully restored, but some 20,000 apartments in the Kyiv region remained in the dark — an increasingly common reality for many Ukrainians as Russia targets the country's energy and power sources in an effort to freeze the country out as autumn turns to winter.

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