Technology: Apple Watch: Blood oxygen sensor just as precisely as a medical measuring device

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can the Apple Watch from 2020 keep up with medical measuring devices? Researchers say: yes. The Watch 6 does even better than originally expected.

Laut Studie misst die Apple Watch 6 so präzise wie ein medizinisches Gerät. © Shutterstock / Oasisamuel According to the study, the Apple Watch 6 measures as precisely as a medical device. A validation study published this month shows that the Apple Watch Bluts oxygen can measure as precisely as a pulse oximeter that is used for medical purposes. In the study, the researchers had the blood oxygen sensor of the Apple Watch 6 competed against the Masimo Radical-7 pulse oximeter. The aim of the study is the following: "We examined how a commercially available smartwatch that measures the peripheral blood oxygen saturation (SPO2), can recognize hypoxemia compared to a medical pulseximeter." Hypoxemia describes a reduced oxygen content in the blood or a lack of oxygen. So the attempt is built in the study, 24 healthy participants took part. Each participant has worn an Apple Watch Series 6 on the left wrist and a pulse oximeter on the left middle finger. Then air was added to them in three different phases via a ventilation hose system with a three-way outer ventil. In the first two minutes, the participants breathed the ambient air in the room. In the next five minutes they breathed an oxygen -reduced gas mixture. In the third phase, you get the ambient air to breathe again so that the blood oxygen is normalized. This means that the researchers almost simulate hypoxemia to see how well or bad the two measuring devices can recognize them from the participants. These are the results in total, the researchers had data points of 642 couples at the end of the study. According to the researchers, the deviation of the blood oxygen measurement between smartwatch and oximeter was 0.0 percent for all data points. The deviation for blood oxygen below 90 percent was 1.2 percent. The researchers had expected deviations between the results of 6 to 8 percent. The Apple Watch did better than expected. Therefore, they draw the following conclusion: “The Apple Watch Series 6 can reliably identify states of a reduced blood oxygen saturation with SPO2 under 90 % compared to a medical pulseximeter. The technology used in this smartwatch is sufficiently advanced for the indicative measurement of SPO2 outside the clinic. ” The Apple Watch 6 was the first model with blood oxygen sensor. But it is also on board with newer models such as the Watch Series 7 , Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra.

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