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  These 10 Cities Are Hotbeds for Auto Theft If you live in one of these places, you probably want to lock your car doors.Insurers also look at where a driver lives and the likelihood of accidents, natural disasters, and auto theft in that area. In the case of that last one, the following 10 cities sit at the top of the list of cities prone to carjackings.

A garage can reduce the vehicle insurance premium and thus contain the total annual costs of the car. Under no circumstances should the policyholder be given incorrect information, otherwise it can be expensive.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images © provided by Spencer Platt/Getty Images The garage discount

If you have already taken out a car insurance, you certainly came up with the question of whether the car is in a closed garage at night or not. The answer to this question is relevant because the insurance companies - if correctly - deduct a so -called garage discount from the regular insurance costs.

As Verivox explains, this discount is granted when completing a partial or fully comprehensive insurance, since the insurer is statistically regarded with fewer damage, i.e. even lower costs: the garage not only protects the car from storm damage due to falling branches and Cropping trees, but also for the theft, for example.

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  Michigan farm admits vegetables contaminated by untreated human sewage Kuntry Gardens farm owner Andy Stutzman was forced to shut down his farm after he told state health officials on that untreated human waste was dumped on the land from a nearby outhouse.

The garage discount is usually calculated as a percentage of the annual insurance amount.

The requirements for a garage discount

so that the discount is granted, the garage must meet certain properties. According to the vehicle information, one of the following species of garage must be:

• Single garage

• Double garage

• Collection garage

• Underground garage The garage can be locked, the discount is usually higher. If a garage discount is agreed, the insurance assumes that the car is mainly in the garage overnight (10 p.m. to six o'clock). However, if the garage is being rebuilt or cannot be used for other justified reasons, this does not constitute a violation of the contractual agreements.

changes should be communicated promptly

, however, whoeverly claims that a garage is available and the car is also Night there is lost there, when exposing with sensitive fines or, in the worst case, the insurer's withdrawal must expect from the contract. Incidentally,

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  Lack of flood insurance in hard-hit Central Florida leaves families struggling after Hurricane Ian When Amanda Trompeta was woken up by her dog barking early last Thursday morning, she assumed he was just frightened by Hurricane Ian. But then she got out of bed -- and found herself standing ankle-deep in floodwater. By the time the storm passed, three and a half feet of murky, dark water had swept into Trompeta’s house in the Orlando suburb of Winter Springs. “It went everywhere, every single room,” she said. “All the floors, all the walls have to be redone – everything is ruined.

was able to determine the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Center in a survey among various insurers that additional payments are often requested if the correction was no longer forgotten. So it is worth passing on all changes promptly. Because: If the policyholder has deliberately made incorrect information about the garage, even termination of the contract can be terminated by the insurer.

is different if the damage caused by negligence, for example, was open to the garage door overnight. As the German damage assistance explains on its website, insurers have the option in this case to cover only part of the costs or to have the policyholder paid for the total damage. However, if the vehicle has been stolen from the open garage, for example, the policyholder can of course still file a complaint against the thieves and hope to get the vehicle or the vehicle value back.

false information can be expensive

The vehicle could be damaged by third parties due to the negligence of the policyholder, according to T-Online, the insurance coverage continues to apply with reference to the dpa news agency. However, the insurance company could oblige the policyholder to deduct up to 5,000 euros when removing the damage. In the end,

always depends on the individual case, whereby the loss of insurance cover threatens in the end of the individual case. It is therefore worthwhile to be honest with the insurance company and to communicate openly.

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