Technology: again protests on the largest iPhone factory in China

China's economy is 'in deep trouble' as Xi heads for next decade in power

  China's economy is 'in deep trouble' as Xi heads for next decade in power When Xi Jinping came to power a decade ago, China had just overtaken Japan to become the world's second largest economy.It has grown at a phenomenal pace since then. With an average annual growth rate of 6.7% since 2012, China has seen one of the fastest sustained expansions for a major economy in history. In 2021, its GDP hit nearly $18 trillion, constituting 18.4% of the global economy, according to the World Bank.

employees of the Apple supplier Foxconn apparently resisted the working conditions as a result of the Chinese Corona measures. Videos on social media show people who tear down barriers.

Vor dem Apple-Zuliefererwerk in Zhengzhou (Standbild aus einem Video) © Reuters Before the Apple supplies in Zhengzhou (statue from a video)

Videos in the online services Weibo and Twitter show hundreds of people who go onto the streets in front of the Apple supplier Foxconn in Central Chinesian Zhenghou, tear down and with it. People clashed in protective suits. They pretend to be a Foxconn employee.

In some videos, employees complain about the food provided to them, others say they have not received the promised special payments. "Defend our rights! Defend our rights," call dozens of workers who stand in front of a police chain and a police vehicle with flashing lights. You can see a large contingent of security forces with batons and plastic protective signs on the videos who try to push people back. Apparently there were clashes.

An iPhone of 2007, the very first of Apple, sold at auction more than € 39,000

 An iPhone of 2007, the very first of Apple, sold at auction more than € 39,000 © Photo: Gabriel Bouys / AFP archives June 29, 2007: in an Apple store in Santa Monica, California (United States ), a man presents the first iPhone, who has just released. An iPhone of 2007, the first smartphone of the Apple computer giant, sold more than € 39,000 at auction on Sunday October 16, 2022. The device was still in its original box, it been bought its initial price 65 times! "The iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other phone.

The authenticity of the videos could not initially be checked independently. The Foxconn company initially did not respond to inquiries of several news agencies to comment on new unrest.

in #Foxconn plant in ????????? Zhengzhou is said to have collected clashes from protesting employees and the police. Eyewitnesses report tear gas, chosen slices of police cars and a burning factory gate. (1/4)

-Miriam Steimer (@miriamsteimer) November 23, 2022

around the Foxconn-Werk in Zhengzhou had already occurred a few weeks ago. On the other hand, thousands of employees had taken flight out of fear of corona infection or the strict measures. Foxconn then promised employees higher wages if they were to decide to return to their workplace despite the restrictions. Lives and work isolated from the outside world Due to the Corona situation in Zhengzhou, the employees at Foxconn work in a so -called closed cycle - a system in which the employees live and work on site, isolated from the outside world. According to the information, the workers are tested every day on Corona and can only stay in the factory and in their dormitories. It is not known how many of the approximately 200,000 employees are currently on the factory site.

The work in Zhengzhou is the largest iPhone factory in the world. 70 percent of the iPhones produced worldwide come from there. Apple is expecting lower deliveries to the iPhone 14 due to the

production impairments.

In China, a strict zero-covid policy with lockdowns, daily mass tests, strict control, tracking and forced quartans is unchanged. Nevertheless, the number of new infections in the People's Republic has increased significantly in recent weeks.

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China's Xi Jinping Has No Easy Way Out .
China's zero-COVID policy may unwind, but it might not happen at the government's pace.In mid-October, China's pandemic performance helped justify Xi's norm-breaking third term as leader of the long-ruling Communist Party. The pageantry took place as an estimated 200 million of China's 1.4 billion people were in lockdown. As of late November, more than double that number were still living under restrictions, according to economists at Nomura.

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