Technology: Technology bargains from Samsung: Save up to 520 euros for these deals

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As every year, the Black Friday will take place on the last Friday in November, the largest shopping and discount event of the year! This year the Black Friday will take place on November 25th and there are already a lot of offers and bargains for numerous shops. Samsung is also there and already has blatant discounts in stock.

Black Friday Samsung © PR Black Friday Samsung

>> Look at the top deals in the Samsung shop here!

Tablets from Samsung: To Black Friday secure up to 250 euros discount

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that Samsung offers really good and powerful tablets at a fair price is no longer a secret. Many fans love the high -quality tablets with the simple manner. There are currently also some tablets cheaper in the online shop, for example the Galaxy Tab S8 for crisp 549 euros instead of 749 euros or the Galaxy Tab S8+ , the whole 250 euros is cheaper: for 899 euros .

Smartwatches from Samsung: Buy the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 70 euros cheaper

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Smartwatches , in addition to smartphones and tablets, have now become the new absolute must-have for all technology lovers. With the smart watches you can write from your wrist from messages, accept calls and also measure exciting health functions. You can now get the Galaxy Watch 5 a total of 50 euros cheaper for 249 euros and the Pro Model, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro , even 70 euros cheaper for 399 euros .

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the frame: Samsung masterpiece as a television in the Black Friday Sale from 429 euros

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The TV The Frame from Samsung is an absolute seller and an absolute Revolution when it comes to television. You can not only use it to watch your favorite series and films, but also play well -known works of art that look like a real work of art on the wall. You can buy it in different sizes and get hold of the Black Friday sale from 429 euros .

Household helpers from Samsung now buy cheap

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[Manual: F7E9050C92A851B0016442AB604B0488: False: False: "now" In addition to technology devices for leisure, Samsung also offers

household appliances

such as washing machines and freezer combinations . These are also reduced to Black Friday! Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Now secure 49 percent discount [Manual: 0EFE3230D7F53049DC4A4B0C60: False]

You can also find a lot of bargains this week. From


there are some offers that you shouldn't miss. For example, the foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip 3 , which is now a whole 49 percent. You currently only pay 530 euros instead of 1049 euros! More offers:

Black Friday gaming deals live: the latest savings across PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC .
We're bringing you all the biggest Black Friday gaming deals you need to know about right now - across PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.We've been tracking Black Friday gaming deals for years now, so we know a thing or two about spotting the biggest discounts. It's not just the largest savings we're after, though, we're all about those record low, rare, or downright excellent value offers. That means we're weeding out all the 'fake' Black Friday deals, and only bringing you the products and prices we would genuinely jump on ourselves.

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