Technology: Dark Clouds on Black Friday

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A flood of special offers a few weeks before Christmas: With this concept, Black Friday has become one of the most important sales days of the year in Germany. Last year, consumers spent almost five billion euros on Black Friday and the following Cyber ​​Monday, according to the Germany (HDE) trade association.

Jedes Jahr am vierten Freitag im November reduzieren unzählige Händler und Online Shops für mindestens 24 Stunden ihre Preise und überbieten sich gegenseitig mit Rabatten und Sonderangeboten. © Oliver Berg/dpa Every year on the fourth Friday in November, countless dealers and online shops reduce their prices for at least 24 hours and outbid each other with discounts and special offers. In view of the inflation and the scarce funds,

is uncertain whether the campaign can also build on the success this year at the end of November. Especially since many consumers fear that the offer could be less attractive this time. After all, the dealers also fight with rising costs.

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is optimistic: The HDE is based on a survey of 1000 online shoppers around the discount days with a sales record of 5.7 billion euros. That would be 22 percent more than in the previous year.

now especially

"The growth history of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday continues under the currently difficult framework and despite the poor consumption mood", the deputy HDE general manager Stephan Tromp is convinced. "Many customers now go to bargain hunt and want to use the offers of the two days." The discount days, this year on November 25th and 28th, would now also be used to look for Christmas presents. In total, gifts worth 1.7 billion euros could be bought.

Not all industry experts are so optimistic. The trading expert Gerrit Heinemann from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences assumes that the trade for Black Friday will pull all the stops to save a difficult year. But he has doubts that this succeeds. "All in all, the signs are not so good that a sales record will settle again this year," says Heinemann - also because there are further problems in the supply chain.

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is also skeptical of the trading expert Martin Fassnacht from the WHU business university in Düsseldorf: «People want to hold their money together because of the difficult economic situation. This will also be felt on Black Friday. In the end, sales will be lower than in previous years. »

hopes are still disappointed?

also Nina Scharwenka from the management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners is convinced: «Hopes that consumers will increase their expenses in Germany significantly during the pre-Christmas days and that companies can compensate for weaker sales in the previous course of the year.

Basically, people's interest in Black Friday is still high. According to a representative survey by the management consultancy PWC, for which more than 2,000 people were interviewed, a good two thirds around Black Friday want to go to bargain hunting despite inflation and scarce funds - as many as in the previous year.

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But your shopping behavior has changed. On the one hand, consumers are more reluctant to issue money, says PWC trading expert Christian Wulff. "On the other hand, they want to consciously use the special offers around the Black Friday 2022 because they assume that the price spiral will continue to rotate."

only buy what you need

almost 40 percent of bargain hunters, according to the survey, only want to buy what you need. Every fifth wants to buy less due to the circumstances. A similar number of bargain hunters prefer to go to cheap retailers and online shops or look specifically for inexpensive products such as own brands or used articles.

around 40 percent of consumers fear that Black-Friday offers will be less attractive than in previous years. Just as many expect that certain products will not be available due to delivery problems. Almost a third expected that fewer retailers will take part in the discount battle, since they also have to deal with rising costs. According to

Simon-Kucher, the bargain hunters have also prepared well this year. Around 70 percent had already observed the prices of the articles for which they were interested in the weeks before the Black Friday.

This procedure is actually recommended. Because a study of the idealo price comparison portal, for which the price development of around 10,000 products from 1000 categories was analyzed, shows that real bargains are also rare on the Black Friday. On average, the offers were just five percent cheaper last year than in the month before the campaign.

Black Friday video game deals 2022: PS5, Xbox Series X, more .
Planning for the holidays is a must in this day and age. You’re going to need to allocate some money from your budget on what you purchase for others around that time. Hot items that are going to cost more during the year are usually purchased on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. That’s because some of the best deals you’ll find are during that time, and that’s especially true of gaming deals.

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