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Technology: "Happy Holidays": The Christmas Guardian Film of the Galaxy is an

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  « Joyeuses fêtes » : le film de Noël des Gardiens de la Galaxie est un désastre disaster provided by Numerama

The special Christmas episode of the Galaxy Guardians, directed by James Gunn, comes to close phase 4 of the universe Marvel cinematographic. We would have done well.

The special Christmas episode of the Galaxy Guardians, directed by James Gunn, ends phase 4 of the Marvel cinematographic universe. We would have done well.

celebrate Christmas with the guards of the galaxy: it was the good idea of ​​James Gunn, the director of the saga. On paper anyway. Because, yes, we like the special Christmas films and episodes of Christmas . Lots of good feelings, kitsch, cozy, these atmospheres do good in this winter period. The universe of the Galaxy Guardians lends itself to it: a team traveling in space and united like a family; and a saga characterized by its lightness and its humor.

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The dream of James Gunn has therefore come true: the guards of the galaxy: Happy Holidays has been available since this November 25, 2022 on Disney+. But even with all the affection we have to the guards, we would have preferred never to waste our time in front of this 42 -minute rampage.

In search of Kevin Bacon

an epic adventure? A romantic comedy? A magic twist? None of these genres are present in this special episode. The story is on a post-it: Mantis and Draxx leave on earth to remove Kevin Bacon. The link with Christmas? The famous actor marked Pete's childhood. And that's all. The pitch stops there, then it stretches in length until boredom. The Special Christmas of the Galaxy Guardians is the story of the removal of an actor. For 42 minutes-forty-two minutes.

James Gunn Reveals How The Guardians of the Galaxy Got A New Homebase

  James Gunn Reveals How The Guardians of the Galaxy Got A New Homebase James Gunn reveals how the Guardians of the Galaxy bought a new, familiar homebase ahead of its debut in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. The seasonal MCU adventure is Marvel Studios' second production as part of their Special Presentation series of specials produced exclusively for Disney+.

Peter et Draxx dans le spécial Noël des Gardiens de la galaxie. // Source : Disney+ © supplied by Numerama Peter and Draxx in the special Christmas of the Galaxy Guardians. // Source: Disney+

This "Christmas special" does not even manage to surf the sympathy released on the characters, even if it is pleasant to find them for an episode. The Christmas atmosphere does not contaminate us. And humor, without context a catchy minimum, falls (almost) all the time flat. In short: we did not imagine bored so much in front of this sympathetic crew to us.

James Gunn had also promised a few key points in the continuity of the MCU, making the link with the volume 3 of the Galaxy guards planned for 2023: Yes, the episode contains a revelation on the links between two characters, but The scene literally lasts a minute ... and it is to doubt that it is not reintroduced at the start of the next film. This is really the only striking twist.

Difficult to determine more precisely what caught in the recipe - yet broken, because the two films made by James Gunn are well constructed and refreshing in their genre, while having endearing characters. The Hawkeye series last year managed to immerse ourselves in a warm Christmas atmosphere, while delivering a real adventure, all in humor and tenderness . The guards would have deserved the same approach.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Can Now Continue A Tragic Star-Lord Trend

  Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Can Now Continue A Tragic Star-Lord Trend Star-Lord has a tragic trend in the MCU of having a family member die, and now Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is surprisingly in a position to continue it.Now that Mantis is confirmed to be Star-Lord's sister, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 could kill another family member. The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie showed the death of Peter Quill's mom at the very beginning, but he also saw Groot die in the end. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 then added to the trauma by having Yondu (his adopted dad) die saving Peter and Ego (his biological father) die after his villain turn. Even Avengers: Infinity War made Star-Lord lose the love of his life, Gamora.

The end of phase 4 at Marvel

This episode comes to put an end in phase 4 of Marvel and it is in its image: a confused attempt to explore new horizons, which only works once in two. The exploration of formats is a good thing, it renews the MCU and there have been good times, but it must be said that the experiment lasted for a long time, at the risk of tiring a little.

We will have gone from an experimental Moon Knight and hypnotizing to an ironic She-Hulk, but disastrous , with a brilliant MS Marvel between the two ; Just as we went from an Doctor Strange 2 Intelligent to an Wakanda Forever Bourrin and Idi , with, in the center, an Thor Love & Thunder which excels in humor, but in the scenario thinly like Music paper . Finally, it is consistent that the phase ends with happy holidays that just make us want to be in the following year.

The guards of the galaxy: Happy holidays is available on Disney+, whose subscription begins at 8.99 euros per month in France.

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