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Technology: Samsung deals: Safe to blind technology offers for 2023

Are Bartise & Nancy Still Together From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Where They Are Now After Their Drama With Raven

  Are Bartise & Nancy Still Together From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Where They Are Now After Their Drama With Raven Bartise became Public Enemy #1 when he told Nancy "looks matter."Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez are two of 30 contestants from Love Is Blind season 3, which premiered on Netflix on October 19, 2022 and followed 15 men and 15 women from the Dallas, Texas, as they speed-dated  in “Pods” where they can talk but not see each other. During their 10 days in “The Pods”, the couples decide if they wanted to get engaged—still sight unseen—or end their relationships for a better connection with someone else.

Samsung Angebote: Last-Minute-Geschenke vor Weihnachten sichern! © pr/ Samsung offers: secure last minute gifts before Christmas! Samsung offers for Christmas secure

You know it: For Samsung products there are always discounts and offers all year round. But in the run -up to Christmas there is particularly juicy discounts . So if you have thrown an eye on a new Samsung TV, a Galaxy smartphone, a tablet or a Galaxy Watch, you should now access and save with the fillet pieces.

at Otto: An overview of all Christmas deals Samsung online shop: Christmas offers directly from the manufacturer Amazon: Overview of all Amazon Top offers, lightning offers and actions The hottest Samsung deal

Sure at Amazon the 55-inch Uhd TV Samsung Crystal with 4K Crystal processor and Dynamic Crystal Color. The TV model from 2022 is currently available at a reduced top price of 555 euros.

Which Couples Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3?

  Which Couples Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3? Five couples on Love Is Blind season 3 went from strangers to standing at the altar in just four weeks. Who got married on Love Is Blind season 3?While fans went into Love Is Blind season 3 with an open mind, the five couples who got engaged did little to win viewers over. Although one or two relationships were given the seal of approval by fans, most were against almost every engagement from the start. While some Love Is Blind stars impressed viewers as individuals, many were criticized for their behavior and how they treated their partners. Without further ado, here's who got married on Love Is Blind season 3, and who threw in the towel.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and 21FE 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S21FE 5G and the predecessor Samsung Galaxy S20 FE are currently reduced at Amazon - in almost all colors and memory sizes!

practical: Here you will find a size adjustable mobile phone holder for your car.

Christmas offers directly in the Samsung online shop

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For true Samsung lovers, a look at the Samsung Onlineshop is definitely worth it, because here too the Christmas offers are in full access and you save up to 23 percent on many products from the South Korean manufacturer.

Whether smartphones, television, tablets or household appliances, here there are real bargains directly from the dealer and often also get a small gift. So there are z. B. for the Galaxy S22 The Galaxy Buds2 Pro free of charge .

‘I sleepwalk, I’ve been woken up by house alarms going off’…These stars have trouble sleeping

  ‘I sleepwalk, I’ve been woken up by house alarms going off’…These stars have trouble sleeping People often take a good night's sleep for granted. Whilst some have the magical ability to drift off as soon as their head hits the pillow, others find it a constant battle to get even one hour of shut-eye. These celebrities have all shared their experiences of struggling to reach the land of nod. From insomnia to an overactive mind, find out which stars struggle to sleep at night.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 cheaper shopping

A great discount is available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic . For the 44-millimeter width version, you pay from 189 euros at Amazon. The fitness tracker helps you to keep an eye on your activities and fitness results on smartwatch and smartphone: you can count steps, check calories and find your way around the GPS.

Samsung tablets on offer

Various Samsung tablets are currently cheaper. Online retailers are happy to offer combination deals, for example tablet with Galaxy Buds at a package price. Speed ​​is also required here, because the supplies could be scarce. A great bargain is currently the Tab S8 , at Amazon from 705 euros . Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV 23 percent cheaper

Popular The 4K TV Samsung Crystal is popular with technology fans. It is currently available at

Amazon from 569 euros (43 inches). Otto also offers really strong Christmas offers. The Crystal UHD 4K TV (50 inches) has a whopping 25 percent cheaper for just 469 euros .

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Samsung TV "The Frame" Reduced Buy

, especially with interior bloggers, the chic Samsung the Frame is very popular. The smart TV can optically turn into a mural and blends in harmoniously into the facility. An absolute unique selling point on the market. The

Samsung The Frame is currently available from 955 euros (55 inches) at Amazon. Other current offers for you:

Best Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies of 2023 .
2023 is set to be bursting with exciting science-fiction films, from Marvel and DC superheroes, to M3GAN's robotic killer, and a Hunger Games prequel.Some of 2023's most highly-anticipated sci-fi flicks feature the expansion of superhero franchises from Marvel Studios and DC Studios, as well as Dune: Part Two, which audiences have been waiting very patiently for since the first part's release in 2021. Several film series' are expected to continue with a return to the Spider-Verse, and a return to the world of The Hunger Games, which will see a prequel release later on in the year.

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