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Technology: Two fans claim $ 5 million to Universal for a false trailer

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An American judge has just decided that it would now be possible to file a complaint if the artist you cherish appears in the trailer for a film But not in the final version of the film, explains The Guardian . The request filed by two Americans, Peter Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe, has indeed deemed admissible.

It is the trailer for the film Yesterday , directed by Danny Boyle, who is at the origin of the case. We can see the actress Ana de Armas, recently celebrated for her role as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde , stand alongside the hero played by Himesh Patel on the set of a late-show. In the film, Patel interprets Jack Malik, a man who one day emerges in a world where the Beatles do not exist, which he will take advantage of to appropriate all their songs.

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Problem: the Cuban actress does not appear in the final editing of the film of Danny Boyle . The two complainants believe they have been duped by Universal Pictures, since they spent nearly $ 4 to rent YesterDay on Prime Video in order to see their favorite actress.

  Deux fans réclament 5 millions de dollars à Universal pour bande-annonce mensongère © supplied by Slate to read also

Stop looking at the trailers, they have become completely useless

Indeed, to look right, Ana de Armas appears in the trailer of yesterday. Around 1'58 ", you can see it in two plans, in white suit:

admissible request

The complaint is taken very seriously. Universal asked judge Stephen Wilson to reject it under the 1st amendment of the American Constitution , which evokes freedom of expression. But the latter rejected the request, considering that the trailer is the responsibility of the commercial object and that it is therefore subject to the laws on false advertising. "For the most part, a trailer is an advertisement designed to sell a film by providing consumers with an overview of it," wrote the judge. Obviously inconsolable (or very clever), Peter Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe ask $ 5 million in Universal for having provided them with a misleading overview. In the meantime, they are advised to look in loop the famous cut sequence,

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