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Technology: "I'm going to be able to celebrate Christmas with my mom": in the middle of SNCF strike, a specially chartered train for children

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Environ 25 enfants sont montés à bord du train spécial à la gare de Lyon ce samedi matin, bien encadrés par les animateurs de Junior & Cie. LP/Philippe Lavieille © PH Lavieille About 25 children went on the special train to Lyon this Saturday morning, good Supervised by the animators of Junior & Cie. LP/Philippe Lavieille The atmosphere on quay number 13 of Hall 2 of the Gare de Lyon is all the more joyful since this departure almost never took place . This Saturday morning, at 11:20 am, a TGV from Lille entered the station. On board, in addition to the 800 "classic" travelers, 75 children supervised by a team of animators. During this Parisian stage, 25 other little blond heads must go up. Created in 1979 by the SNCF, Junior & Cie allows each year 220,000 children, aged between 4 and 14, to take the train without being accompanied by their families. Except that, strike obliges, the system had been reduced to the congruent portion. "It was hard for us to tell ourselves that children were not going to be able to travel during this Christmas period," said Alain Krakovitch, the director of TGV-intercities of the SNCF. So we created a special TGV from scratch, with a separate schedule, and a service that does not usually exist. It was not easy, but we got there thanks to the dedication of our teams. An allusion to the controllers' strike which has spoiled the Christmas 200,000 Christmas holidays who saw their ticket canceled. Friday and Saturday, according to the SNCF, 40 % of TGVs were removed on the southeast and east axes. A proportion that even rose to one in two train on the North and Atlantic network. One out of three and a quarter of the intercities have also been deleted. VIDEO. SNCF strike: "Priority is no longer Christmas is to go home" not sure that this train restores the tarnished coat of arms by the social movement of the of railway but the operation delighted parents put before the fait accompli. A journey of 1000 km who left this Saturday morning of Lille at 9:49 am, this "train of children" crosses all of France from north to south by serving twenty stations, a more than unusual number for a TGV, including Paris, Lyon, Valence, Montpellier and finally Perpignan, the terminus, after a journey of more than 1000 km. "We received an email on Wednesday which informed us that the train in which my daughter Siham, 12 years old, and my two sons, Ilian and Brayan, 9 and 4, was canceled," said Abdel, 46, sports educator at Paris. It was the big disappointment. All three had to join their mom who lives in Perpignan. We have been using Junior & Co for two years, and we had never had any problems until then. But a few hours later, a new message that informs them this time that the children's train can take them on board. "I am so relieved because I will be able to celebrate Christmas with my mom," says Siham, smiling to my ears. On board, board games allow children to play together and have friends. Indispensable activities to occupy all these little people during the eight hours of travel. "We also organize workshops," says Mohamed, one of the animators, with coloring, cutting, music. It has a lot of fun during the trip, and frankly, children do not see time passing. On the platform, no whining. Parents say goodbye to their children by wishing them a Merry Christmas one last time. In blended families, Santa Claus has generally already spent the first time the day before. Already gifts in the suitcases "We were with their step-papa, his parents and their little sister, June, who is 14 months old, tells Julie, 36, a pharmacy preparatory, who lives in Mériel, in the Val- Oise. And there, my two other daughters, Ellyn, 5 and a half, and Louane, 12 and a half, join their father in Béziers, with already lots of gifts, a bike, accessories to ride a horse, and of course dolls . "In other cases, it was the Christmas grandparents before that of parents. Emma, ​​23, is a student in London. This Saturday morning, after a big party the night before in the apartment of his grandmother and her grandfather, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, where uncles and aunts had also been invited, she accompanies Ethan, her little 6 -year -old brother, on the platform. He too takes the train of children, direction Perpignan, where he will find their parents. "The hardest part was to bring your gifts back, including playmobil and an electric car, in its suitcase," says Emma, ​​laughing. It was his first trip alone. On the outward journey, he was a little stressed, but everything went well. And then I told him that I too took the train on my own with animators for years, when I was his age. And that I loved it. It reassured him. »»

SNCF strike: The TGV "Special Child" also transported adults before Christmas .
© supplied by the Huffington Post Philippe Lopez / AFP A hundred children were lucky to have a dedicated train for them, despite the SNCF controllers' strike that creouel'hexagon during the holiday season 2022. (Illustration photo) Philippe Lopez / AFP A hundred children were lucky to have a dedicated train for them, despite the strike SNCF controllers that creouel'hexagon during the holiday season 2022. (Illustration photo) Transport - Christmas magic has operated for some SNCF travelers.

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