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Technology: Alexander Graf Lambsdorff is to become German ambassador in Russia

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The FDP foreign politician and parliamentary group vice Alexander Graf Lambsdorff should become German ambassadors in Moscow, according to media reports. The traffic light coalition agreed on this, the Pioneer portal reported ”, citing information from government circles. There was initially no official confirmation on Tuesday. The mirror also reported on the personnel.

  Alexander Graf Lambsdorff soll deutscher Botschafter in Russland werden © provided by Berliner Zeitung

, according to The Pioneer's report, the coalition agreed on the occupation of several high-ranking ambassador posts. For example, the State Secretary in the Federal Foreign Office and former ambassador in London, Andreas Michaelis, should become the new German ambassador in Washington. He and Lambsdorff should both start their new posts in summer.

Lambsdorff was also in the diplomatic service earlier, including in the planning staff of the Federal Foreign Office and in the press stick of the German Embassy in Washington. From 2003 to 2004 he worked as a country officer for Russia in the German Foreign Ministry. Géza Andreas von Geyr is currently a German ambassador in Russia.

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