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Technology: Doctors' strike: The Minister of Health criticizes a “unwelcome” movement in this period

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  Her Child Was Stillborn at 39 Weeks. She Blames a System That Doesn’t Always Listen to Mothers. Occurred on November 4, 2022 / Denison, Texas, USA: "Tornado video outside of work in Denison, TX."

Le ministre de la Santé a déploré le fait qu'un mouvement ait lieu « en cette période d’extrême difficulté pour le système de santé ». LP / Olivier Corsan © Olivier Corsan The Minister of Health deplored the fact that a movement takes place "in this period of extreme difficulty for the health system ". LP / Olivier Corsan "This is not the right time. (…) We do not go on strike before starting to discuss. The tone is firm this Wednesday on the part of the Minister of Health François Braun. At the end of his visit to the Annecy Geneva hospital center, he denounced a strike "unwelcome in this period of extreme difficulty for the health system" on the part of liberal doctors , while France is affected by a triple epidemic of COVID-19 , influenza and bronchiolitis. "I do not question the right to strike at doctors at all, but it is really the very bad period," he also continued, also evoking the saturation of a large number of emergency services . "It is not in the most difficult period, that it is a good thing to strike, we have institutions that allow you to discuss. (…) My door has always remained open, it will remain so to solve the problems, ”argued the minister. "I thank all those who are on the bridge," insisted François Braun, who had "firmly" sentenced this call to strike on Monday. The SAMU and the overwhelmed emergencies "This strike arrives at the worst moments," said Tuesday on France Bleu Alsace Marc Noizet, chief of the emergency room of Mulhouse and at the head of the association Samu-Urgences de France . "We are at the limit of rupture of what we are able to do with the means available at this end of year period," he deplored. Same story from Patrick Pelloux, president of the Association of Emergency Physics in France. Asked about BFM TV, he spoke of "an absolutely awful image" at the sight of the queues that lie down the services of SOS doctors in particular. "Now is not the time, the French need us," he said. We have never seen that. "The collective" Doctors for tomorrow ", created at the end of summer, called the Liberal doctors to go on strike between Christmas and the day of the year , with the support of several unions (UFML, FMF , SML, young doctors). The central claim of the collective "Doctors for tomorrow" remains the doubling of the basic consultation rate (from 25 to 50 euros) to create a "attractiveness shock" towards a city medicine lacking in staff, crushed by the Administrative tasks and which no longer attracts young people. The collective provides for a national event in Paris on January 5.

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