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Technology: Old but gold: These cult films are finally back on Netflix and Co

Demi Lovato linked to soap star

  Demi Lovato linked to soap star Demi Lovato is reportedly dating "The Young and the Restless" star Max Ehrich.A report by Us Weekly on Wednesday claims the singer has been quietly dating "The Young and the Restless" star Max Ehrich.

The next film evening can come!

Popcorn auf einem pinken Hintergrund. © ZEITJUNG Popcorn on a pink background.

There are films that you can simply watch over and over again. Here are a few favorites from the editors.

Clueless (Netflix)

How would it have known? The film is actually based on Jane Austen's novel Emma. With that, Clueless almost falls under educational television. But seriously: This flick is always possible, although - or precisely because in Clueless every, but really every cliché about 90s teen films is fulfilled: restyling, absurd, great romantic gestures and a lot of high school drama. It goes without saying that the rich kids Cher and Dionne master the big and small problems that life in Beverly Hills and growing up bring with it. And that in color-coordinated blazer-fold-out suits and with folding antenna cell phones in hand. "Enchanted" well!

La Casa de Papel (Netflix): one of the main characters dies in season 4? The answer ...

 La Casa de Papel (Netflix): one of the main characters dies in season 4? The answer ... © Screenshot La Casa de Papel (Netflix): does one of the main characters die in season 4? The answer ... Season 4 of La Casa de Papel, available since Friday April 3 on Netflix, sees the death of one of its main character. Please note, this article contains spoilers. This season 4 , in which several characters will have appeared , like Manila will have been most striking.

9 E.T. - the extraterrestrial (Netflix)

What would he have thought about Skype, voice messages and Co? The somewhat monosyllabic alien with cuddly charm E.T. wanted really, really urgently "to call home". Even after almost 40 years, Steven Spielberg's masterpiece on the topics of friendship, being different and homesick still goes to the heart. Fun Fail Fact: The candy brand M & Ms allegedly rejected the offer of a product placement in E.T. it was expected that the film would flop.

© provided by ZEITjUNG

breakfast at Tiffany's (Netflix)

Oh, she's just one of us. A bit crazy, freedom-loving and chronically broke. Holly, the heroine of this cult film, knows what is important in life: cats and blingbling. And so she copes with her hangover called "hangover" in her incomparable way. And languishes the jewelery at Tiffanys, because there she can only afford to emboss a ring from the cigarette machine. The 60s flair creates a nice feeling of nostalgia when you look and you can still get lost in the "Moon River" sung by Audrey Hepburn. Still epic!

Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: The Last Kingdom, Chris Hemsworth's Extraction

  Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: The Last Kingdom, Chris Hemsworth's Extraction Netflix is serving up a week's worth of programming about murder, death, and war. And sometimes love!We're now over a month into self-quarantine as the coronavirus pandemic continues to make its way through the world's system, and this new way of life is really becoming a test for many. Those of us with pent-up rage have a few good options this week on Netflix, as explosions, bullets, and gruesome knife wounds in Chris Hemsworth's film Extraction and the primal battles of the medieval drama The Last Kingdom are here as an outlet for your simmering aggression. Stay inside and be safe, but use these two as a proper outlet to vent some feelings.

The Jungle Book (Disney + and Amazon Prime)

"Try it with coziness" is a wisdom that fits into every situation in life. Just like The Jungle Book itself - with songs that are predestined for committed night-time walks in the shower. And of course the lovable bear Balu, who, with his chilled, planned manner, is reminiscent of the stoner buddy from school. On Amazon Prime and Disney + you can either beam yourself into childhood with the classic or be impressed by the realistic images of the new film.   Old but gold: Diese Kultfilme laufen endlich wieder auf Netflix und Co Ice Cold Angels (Netflix) In this bittersweet adaptation of the novel "Dangerous Liaisons" by de Laclos pretty much all characters are pretty edgy. Or just really nice. We have an ice cold Sarah Michelle Gellar, an irresistible Ryan Philippe and an angelic Reese Witherspoon. In addition, there is excellent film music composed of goosebumps evergreens from the 90s. As if that weren't enough, this film still captivates us with its story full of intrigue, terrible intentions (English title: Cruel Intentions) and such an exaggerated representation of good and evil that it is almost meta again.

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