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Technology: FOCUS 1 number of charging points for electric cars has increased significantly

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* BDEW: Over 27,000 charging points in Germany

* Charging network expansion to be accelerated by stimulus package

* Calls for more support for private charging points (new: E.ON, BDEW, ADAC, Background)

- by Tom Käckenhoff and Christoph Steitz

Dusseldorf / Frankfurt, Jun 8th (Reuters) - In Germany electric cars can drive more and more publicly accessible charging points. The number rose by over 10,000 to 27,730 within a year, the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) announced on Monday. The vehicles could be loaded particularly quickly at 14 percent of these stations. Most of the charging points were in Munich with 1185, followed by Hamburg with 1096 and Berlin with 1052. Bavaria was also in the lead with the federal states, followed by Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The Federal Government wants to push ahead with the expansion of this infrastructure. So far, many consumers have been reluctant to buy an electric car. The reason for this is the fact that the charging network is not yet nationwide, given the limited range of the vehicles. In its economic stimulus package, the government plans to invest an additional 2.5 billion euros in the expansion of modern charging station infrastructure and in the promotion of research and development in electromobility and battery cell production. "The expansion of the charging infrastructure as a necessary prerequisite for the ramp-up of e-mobility will be accelerated," says the paper.


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According to BDEW, around 280,000 electric cars and plug-in hybrids are currently registered in Germany. For comparison: According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, a total of 47.7 million cars are registered in Germany. According to the electricity lobby, the approximately 27,700 public e-charging points are sufficient for around 440,000 electrically powered vehicles. BDEW general manager Kerstin Andreae emphasized that the expansion of private charging options must also be promoted. "We can't stop halfway here."

The energy company E.ON, which operates almost 6,000 charging points in Germany and over 16,000 beyond the borders, made similar comments. The financial means for the charging infrastructure will accelerate the necessary expansion to a nationwide charging network. "However, what must now be tackled is the implementation of an incentive or support program for private charging infrastructure. The announced additional funds of 2.5 billion euros would have to be distributed in such a way that the ambitious goals of the Federal Government would be implemented quickly.

Electric mobility plays a major role in the energy turnaround, but sales of electric cars in Germany are slower than previously hoped for. "The faster expansion of the charging infrastructure can be seen as the right measure. A spokesman for the ADAC said that more charging stations are needed for electromobility to move forward. The number of electric cars will only increase if the number of charging stations is expanded. How many charging stations are actually needed will ultimately depend on the market success of electric vehicles. ( Reporter: Tom Käckenhoff, Christoph Steitz, edited by Christian Götz. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial team at 069-7565 1236 or 030-2888 5168.)

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