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Technology: Covid wave in Losc!

'Draconian'? 'House arrest'? Coronavirus lockdowns prompt raft of lawsuits against states

  'Draconian'? 'House arrest'? Coronavirus lockdowns prompt raft of lawsuits against states Courts weigh coronavirus restrictions, which are sometimes criticized as "draconian," against individual liberties as governors seek to save lives.Each of these activities became the subject of a federal lawsuit, as residents, businesses and even lawmakers challenged state shutdown orders designed to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Renato Sanches © Supplied by Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches, Jonathan Ikoné and Jonathan Bamba have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The victory against Mouscron took a back seat (1-2). If the Losc was deprived of many executives (Maignan, Yazici ...), the reason, for some, is sanitary. Christophe Galtier has indeed revealed at a press conference that three major players of the northern club, Renato Sanches , Jonathan Ikoné and Jonathan Bamba , had tested positive for Covid-19. "They were caught by the patrol, that is to say by the Covid-19, explained the technician at a press conference, relayed RMC. They are at home, isolated. We hope they will return quickly. They are followed every day. Behind the first phase of work, there were eight days of rest, and during these eight days, the players contracted the virus. The players are fine but we are waiting to see the next tests. " Renato Sanches was the first to experience symptoms. "He is in Portugal. He must undergo two negative tests to be authorized to travel", explained the coach of the Mastiffs, reports L'Equipe. Galtier fears "a second wave" and a new confinement Since it was launched on the subject, Galtier pushed a big rant on the health situation in France. " Let's continue to behave as we do and we are going to confine again and it will be a big mess, he railed. It's up to the State to take action. I spent eight days in the south and what I saw ... With us, we must not encourage but prohibit. Otherwise, we will not be able to avoid a second wave. " "If a second wave arrives, it will be complicated for everyone, warns Galtier. I would like everyone to be responsible for, not that we can resume a normal life, but at least a professional activity. "

Coronavirus live updates: Dr. Deborah Birx warns of 'different' outbreak; Navajo Nation nears 500 deaths .
The Department of Labor releases its latest jobless claims figures Thursday. Congress anticipates relief package by week's end. Latest COVID-19 news.The nation's testing for COVID-19 is dropping even as infections remain high and the death toll rises by more than 1,000 a day, a worrisome trend that officials attribute largely to Americans getting discouraged over having to wait hours to get a test and days or weeks to learn the results.

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