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Technology: data of 533 million Facebook users published online - also Mark Zuckerberg's phone number should be in the process

Mark Zuckerberg wants to "inflict pain" on Apple in the data protection dispute

 Mark Zuckerberg wants to The dispute between Apple and Facebook is escalating more and more. Mark Zuckerberg is said to have told employees that the iPhone company had to "inflict pain". © Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock Not good to speak of Apple and Tim Cook: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It is well known that Apple's Tim Cook and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will no longer be friends in this life. In the meantime, however, they no longer leave it to simple displeasure or dislike.

on the Internet have been publicly posted on the Easter weekend mobile phone numbers and personal data of 533 million Facebook users. The affected come from 106 countries. 32 million from them alone come from the USA, 11 million from Great Britain and 6 million from India. How many continental Europeans and Germans are below, is currently unknown. In addition to mobile phone numbers, the data also included Facebook IDs, complete names, birthdays, locations, profile descriptions, and sometimes e-mail addresses.

also the Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg itself should be affected by the leak. After several media had reported about it, the Cyber ​​researcher Dave Walker also claimed this in a damaged tweet. Facebook itself did not want to comment on this circumstance to Business Insiders.

Facebook's news blackout: Why folks outside Australia should care

  Facebook's news blackout: Why folks outside Australia should care A proposed law in Australia could be the first of many around the world."Assuming this draft code becomes law, we will reluctantly stop allowing publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and international news on Facebook and Instagram," Will Easton, who manages Facebook's Australia and New Zealand operations, said in an August blog post. "This is not our first choice -- it is our last. The disabled data was verified

Based on some samples, Business Insider has checked whether the published data is actually the profile information of the users. For example, we have signed mobile phone numbers. Also, the "forgot password" function of the social network was helped in verifying the data. If you enter the right e-mail address, a part of the stored mobile number is revealed. A press spokesman of the company said that the data has reached the public by a completed data leak in 2019.

Already in January there were signs

"Although they are already a few years old, the information for cybercriminals could be very useful. With them they could spend themselves online than the affected persons or just move them to release their credentials," says Alon Gal, the technical director of Cyber ​​Security company Hudson Rock. The latter had discovered the whole extent of the learned data on Saturday. "Such a large database filled with private information from Facebook users would definitely cause dashing figures to use the data contained therein to perform social engineering attacks or hacking experiments," reaffirms Gal.

Mark Zuckerberg proposes a 'thoughtful reform' of Section 230

  Mark Zuckerberg proposes a 'thoughtful reform' of Section 230 The CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google will testify before a congressional panel on misinformation on Thursday. Ahead of the hearing, the House has published the opening statements from Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai. Zuckerberg's is particularly noteworthy. It includes a proposal for changes to Section 230, a section of the Communications Decency Act 1996 that protects internet companies from accountability for user activity. He once again expressed Facebook's support for "updated internet regulation" and his own hope that Congress will enact "thoughtful reform of Section 230.

  Daten von 533 Millionen Facebook-Nutzern online veröffentlicht — Auch Mark Zuckerbergs Telefonnummer soll dabei sein © Provided by Business Insider Germany

Gal had already discovered part of the divided data in January when a member of the same hacker forum made advertising for an automated bot. This should be able to get the phone numbers of hundreds of millions of Facebook users for a particular price. The Tech Magazine Motherboard had reported on the bot and verified data. Now the complete record was published for free in the forum and can be abused by almost anyone. Allegedly one needs only rudimentary EDP knowledge.

Data abuse is not uncommon

Business Insider has contacted the hacker responsible but no answer. It's not the first time that the mobile numbers of Facebook users appear on the net. A vulnerability allowed it for years to steal numbers of millions of users contrary to the terms of use from the Facebook servers.

According to the company, this entry-level gate was closed in August 2019. Facebook had already promised some time ago to stop the mass collection of user data. The network was under pressure after Cambridge analytics had targeted potential voters before the American Election in 2016 with election advertising.

Lawmakers vow stricter regulations on social media platforms

  Lawmakers vow stricter regulations on social media platforms CEOs from Facebook, Twitter and Google faced intense scrutiny from Democrats and Republicans on Thursday.Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee (ECC), said that Facebook, Twitter, and Google "played a role in fomenting insurrection" and accused the platforms of handing a "megaphone" to extremists who spread misinformation.

Alon Gal says Facebook could hardly help the victims of the youngest leak. Finally, their data has long since landed in the public. In his opinion, however, the network could notify those concerned in order to be vigilant to phishing or other fraud. "Person who log in to a viewed company like Facebook trust this your data. Facebook is obliged to treat your data with the greatest respect. That the user data has been published is a huge trust break and should be treated accordingly", The security expert should be considered.

Mark Zuckerberg guckt sich seine Konkurrenten genau an. © Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg looks at his competitors.

Facebook's popularity plummets as users suspect censorship during Israel-Hamas conflict .
“Users are feeling that they are being censored, getting limited distribution, and ultimately silenced,” one Facebook senior software engineer said.The shift corresponds with the widespread belief by pro-Palestinian and free speech activists that the social media company has been disproportionately silencing Palestinian voices on its apps – which include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – during this month’s Israel-Hamas conflict.

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