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Technology: NVIDIA benefits from the mining boom: sales forecast for crypto chips tripled

We need to talk about my crazy new $600 crypto hardware wallet

  We need to talk about my crazy new $600 crypto hardware wallet Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now. The deafening buzz surrounding NFTs has caused ethereum to climb, Elon Musk's tweets seem to constantly send dogecoin soaring, and bitcoin is flirting with $60,000 yet again after having climbed to an all-time high above $61,500 earlier this month. Countless people have been introduced to crypto markets for the first time thanks to all the hype right now. Companies like Robinhood and Paypal are also jumping on the bandwagon, making it unbelievably simple for people to buy bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies in their apps.

The CMP chips specially developed for the mining crypto currencies are clearly torrential heel. NVIDIA has significantly raised sales forecast for this hardware area.

Krypto-Mining-Chip von Nvidia. © Nvidia Krypto Mining Chip from Nvidia.

The Mining Boom continued for months ago had recently taken care of the fact that NVIDIA's powerful graphics cards intended for gamers were hardly available. In February, NVIDIA had designed chips designed for the mining crypto feeds - the Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP). The obviously tearing paragraph shows how the Group's sales forecast for the first business quarter 2022 shows. CMP hardware: NVIDIA expects 150-million Revenue

NVIDIA's Grace, its first datacenter CPU, is another major threat to Intel

  NVIDIA's Grace, its first datacenter CPU, is another major threat to Intel Just like Apple did with its M1 chip, NVIDIA is taking on Intel directly with its own ARM-based CPU. But don't expect it in PCs anytime soon. Named after the pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper, Grace is NVIDIA's first datacenter CPU, targeted at massive workloads like AI supercomputing and natural language processing. It's powered by ARM Neoverse cores and it'll be tightly integrated with the company's latest GPU technology. According toAccording to NVIDIA, a Grace-powered system is ten times faster at training a natural language processing (NLP) model with one trillion parameters compared to its x86 DGXTM machines.

, NVIDIA expects to be a turnover in the mining division of around 150 million US dollars for being on 2 May. Previously, sales forecast had around 50 million dollars. The mining segment currently contains only the CMP products. Most recently, Hut 8 had announced that

Nvidia GPU bought for $ 30 million. The revenues that NVIDIA achieves hardware used for the crypto mining is likely to be significantly higher than the CMP sales.

that the Group recorded part of these revenues in its gaming division, had even taken care of a conflict in front of a Californian court, but the NVIDIA came away with a blue eye as

computer base writes . Investors had complained, which saw the sales achieved by Mining, especially for the business in China, did not sufficiently play in the business figures. However, a corresponding deception was not prove. Demand for NVIDIA products above the offer

Overall, NVIDIA expects the ongoing first business quarter 2022 in each of its market segments with an upward trend. The revenue forecast is intended to be the corresponding

Communication , according to the expectation of $ 5.3 billion - plus or minus two percent issued at the end of the financial year 2021. Demand for NVIDIA products, according to the forecasts, will be further above the offer.

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