Technology: comes the iPhone 14 with USB-C? Three good reasons speak

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so far Apple remained true to his own Lightning connection with his iPhones. For the fact that the company could set USB-C in the next generation, there are three good reasons.

Anders als das iPhone 13 könnte schon die nächste Generation mit USB-C ausgestattet sein © Unlike the iPhone 13 could be the next generation with USB-C

the rumor that Apple gives up its own Lightning connector and finally comes to the USB-C track, of course does it plop Not for the first time. And yet the pressure on the company was rarely bigger. As " Idrop News " reports, it should now be so far: the iPhone 14 - more specifically the iPhone 14 Pro - will therefore be equipped with the standard port.

iPhone with USB-C connection: This hobbyist shows that it goes

iPhone 14 Expected with great redesign - without mini-model

 iPhone 14 Expected with great redesign - without mini-model after the iPhone is in front of the iPhone: After the 13 Series started first in the market, rumors already circulate about the iPhone 14, which includes a completely new design, among other things should be taken. © Render: Frontpagetech; Rendersbyian So the iPhone 14 should look like Leaker Jon Prosser. with Mark Gurman from the Wirtschaftsportal Bloomberg wants to know the now third parties as a reliable source that Apple plans with the iPhone 14 a new design.

soon USB-C mandatory: Apple makes his iPhones completely connectionless until 2024?

USB-C error display: Apple's iPhone soon allegedly completely without connections

In this assumption, the news platform refers to "different sources familiar with the topic", which (admitted!) Still very far away from " Officially "is. But then the portal calls three reasons why it could actually be so far this time, and these muts far less spongy:

1. USB-C ensures a higher transmission rate

like other manufacturers also sets Apple reinforced on high-quality video production. Even the iPhone 13 enabled recordings in Prors, which of course eats a lot of storage space. For example, a single minute of a 4K PRORES video requires 6 Gigabyte (GB) storage space. The problem with the Lightning connection is revealed when the videos are exported to a computer. This is called "Idrop News" a very concrete example: With a 4K Prorses video with this 720 GB it would take 3 hours and 45 minutes until it lands on the PC via Lightning cable. About USB-C with USB 4 technology but only 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

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2. Legal problems

Several countries and the EU Commission want to call the USB C-Port to the standard and prove companies with fines that are not ready to upgrade their products accordingly. Because the Lightning connection is the more favorable variant, "Idrop News" suggest that only the pro variants of the iPhones are equipped with a USB-C port until 2022, and only 2023 the cheaper devices are preserved the standard.

Video: iPhone: This hidden function makes life easier (bit projects)

3. Environmental protection

like many other large corporations, Apple sees more and more criticism exposed from the end consumers when it comes to environmental protection. Because USB-C cables are now in virtually any household, the completely unnecessary production of the Apple Plug Type could be set. How "Idrop News" also reports, Apple could then do without the shipment of a cable in the future, which would even save money to the company in the long run.

Apple delivers less iPhones from

 Apple delivers less iPhones from Bangalore because of chip deficiency. Not only the car industry grows up because microchips were missing. According to the global delivery bottlenecks, Apple can not produce millions of smartphones for a report. That's followed by the stock market. © Richard Drew The latest iPhone models from Apple at the first sale day end of September 2021 in New York (archive photo).

Insiders assume that Apple completely refrains from connections

just as stubborn as the rumor, Apple will be on USB-C switches, keeps the thesis that iPhones will soon be without connections . Apple-Leaker Jon Prosser was already 2020 assumed that after the abolition of the headphone jack, the Lightning connection is deleted:

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According to the Leaker, it's not an option for Apple to set USB C ports. In another post, Prosser even said marriage Apple swoven to USB-C, Iphones would completely wireless.

iPhone 14 with Wi-Fi 6e standard?

The Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assumes in an message to Investors that Apple will equip the iPhone 14 with the Wi-Fi 6 E standard. A better connection will therefore also have the AR / VR headset of Apple in the luggage. Among the advantages of the new standard include lower latencies and more reliable connections. Wi-Fi-6e-enabled devices can spark on three frequency bands in parallel and thus data rates of 2.3 Gbit / s reach.

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