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Technology: Patchday January: Windows 10 and 11 with VPN problems, updates for Windows Server withdrawn

Microsoft speeds up Windows 11

 Microsoft speeds up Windows 11 © Provided by Silicon Windows 11 (Image: Microsoft) The company speaks of a high number of positive feedback on the Windows 11 upgrade. The distribution is now done faster than originally planned. However, there are problems with a hardware driver from Intel. Microsoft accelerates the Rollout of its new Windows 11 operating system. The company registers according to own information a high proportion of users with a "positive update experience".

[German]The security updates for Windows released on January 11 , 2022 have a very unpleasant collateral damage. All users who rely on VPN connections with L2TP over IPSEC will no longer work after installing the updates in question. Here is an overview of what is currently known about this from read. Mathias writes: Hello Günther, first of all many thanks for your blog, it is an irreplaceable source for Windows problem solutions! I would like to contribute something today, we have VPN problems with our customers who use L2TP/IPsec (among others, this affects VPNs with Meraki MX and

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users are reporting they having issues with VPN after installing updates . When connecting to L2TP, the following error appears: "Can't connect to VPN . The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during Besides consumer versions of Windows , Windows Servers are also suffering from bugs introduced with the latest cumulative updates . The January updates for Windows Server caused boot loops, unexpected system reboots, the inability to use Hyper-V, and the inaccessibility of disks with the ReFS file system.

Patchday © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Patchday

It is not a particularly happy year: The first patchday of the year has once again struggled with trailing. Under Windows 10 and 11, there may be problems with VPN connections after installing the latest security updates, the updates for Windows servers have such great page effects that Microsoft has now blown to retreat.

For both Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft has documented a "known problem" with the January patches. When update KB5009566 for Windows 11 you will find the note directly on the patch page, for Windows 10 you have to look up on the Release Health page to find out the side effects of the update KB5009543:

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Recently released updates for Windows 10 and 11 cause VPN problems . Here’s what you can do about it. Enlarge. © Alexander Supertramp / Complaints from Windows 10 and Windows 11 users about problems with L2TP VPN connections are increasing, as reported by the IT security site Bleepingcomputer, among others. The two cumulative updates KB5009543 ( for Windows 10 ) and KB5009566 ( for Windows 11 ), which Microsoft released on the first patch day of 2022 in January , are said to be to blame.

WINDOWS 10 January 12, 2022 at 2:33 pm Windows 10 and Windows 11 received some bug fixes on Patchday in January . Microsoft is also plugging some security holes. Microsoft distributes new January updates and closes some critical security gaps. Download it here. The update solves problems with Japanese text input, the Windows update and many unspecified security holes. You should install the updates as soon as possible. You can download it here. On Tuesday evening, Microsoft rolled out the cumulative updates for January patch day 2022.

After installing this update IPSec Connections (IP Security) that contain a manufacturer ID may fail. VPN connections using L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) or IP Security Internet Key Exchange (IP Security Internet Key Exchange (IPSec IKE) may also be affected.

The proposed workaround is:

To reduce the problem for some VPNs, you can use the Deactivate the provider ID in the server-side settings.

The formulation already implies that the problem can not be completely solved, because not all VPN servers allow access to no manufacturer ID. Therefore, in order to completely avoid the problems, only the option to remove the corresponding updates or not even install.

For server variants, the problems are far more serious. Under Windows Server 2012 R2, after installing the January updates Hyper-V no longer starts and disks formatted with the file system REFS are displayed as "RAW". Suspected all versions of Windows Server it also comes to regular reboots.

Microsoft has meanwhile reacted and started withdrawing the updates. Colleague Günter Born has prepared this detailed, referring to his article: Microsoft Patchday Problems Jan. 2022: Bugs confirmed, updates withdrawn?

Windows 11: Microsoft celebrates "a new era for the PC" - Start Android Apps in February .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 11 Brand Image As part of the announcement of the current quarter numbers , Microsoft had already thrown with all sorts of beautiful numbers. Among other things, it was to be heard that now 1.4 billion devices run worldwide with Windows 10 or Windows 11. In a separate BlogPost titled "A New PC Era", Windows boss Panos Panay has further postponed further numbers to emphasize the increased meaning of Windows.

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