Technology: Walter demands more intensity and hopes for learning effect

Biden finally heads to Walter Reed for his first physical TODAY

  Biden finally heads to Walter Reed for his first physical TODAY President Joe Biden will travel to Walter Reed Friday morning for his first routine annual physical as president, just a day shy of his 79th birthday, the White House announced. 'Later this morning, the President will travel to Walter Reed Medical Center for his routine annual physical. We will provide more details after he arrives at Walter Reed,' White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement sent out early Friday morning.

The workup of the 1: 1 in Dresden has completed HSV-Coach Tim Walter. The 46-year-old hopes for a learning effect in the trophy - then waiting for the Brisante CityBerry.

Vor HSV-Coach Tim Walter und seinem Team liegt eine intensive Woche. © picture Alliance / dpa / dpa central picture in front of HSV coach Tim Walter and his team is an intense week.

Hamburg's trainer wants to hold in Cologne at his plan - Jatta starts?

The used comparisons with the past has consistently disappeared Tim Walter at the weekend, the experiment, the 1-1 in Dresden Schönden Schönden, the coach of the Hamburg SV, however did not do so on Sunday after the in the morning. The workup of the 46-year-old is not revolving for the past three years, in which the former Bundesliga Dino had played the rise after the winter break, but about the problems of his eleven in the present.

Washington Nationals sued by ex-employees over vaccine firing

  Washington Nationals sued by ex-employees over vaccine firing The Washington Nationals are being sued by two former employees who were fired for refusing to comply with the team’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Lawrence (Larry) Pardo and Brad Holman were pitching coaches in the Nats’ organization. The two refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons and were fired by the Nats as a result. The team instituted a mandate on Aug. 12 that went into effect on Sept. 10, leading to the firing of both men.Now the two have filed a lawsuit against the club, TMZ Sports reports.

Walter hopes in the cup against Cologne a learning effect

"We have made some things much better this season than on Friday," says Walter and names his flavor list: "We were too static, have too little rotated, had too little intensity , And we have to play our counterpart better. That was against Schalke. " In fact, the performance curve had already shown down at the said annence, the newcomer in Saxony now again. A trend? "We have to get more intensity again," demands the coach. And fast. The upcoming working week requires team and coach a lot from: Tuesday it goes in the cup to Bundesliga club Cologne, on Friday then the Derby is against city neighbor and leader St. Pauli.

"First", insured Walter, "counts only Cologne, everything else is not in our focus. Because we want to progress a lap." In addition, he hopes for a learning effect due to the forefrontess with the higher-class counterparty. "We need such games to develop us." A departure from his idea, he clearly represents it will not exist. "We also want to have the ball in Cologne, because only so you can stress the opponent. We will stick to our plan, we just have to implement him better."

is conceivable that Walter tracks its plan back in the proven 4-3-3 system. In Dresden he had entrusted Bakery Jatta after a covidated Covid-19 infect with the joker role and instead of the wing sprayer with David Kinsombi built another central midfielder. The ex-Kiel did not use his chance, without the wing tongs Jatta and Faride Alidou, who began as a second top, but the offensive lacked the force that it takes to embarrass the defense of a Bundesliga club.

Walter Röhrl criticizes e-mobility: "Add freedom» .
rally legend Walter Röhrl fears through the e-mobility for his personal freedom. © Timm Bamberger / DPA No friend of e-mobility: Walter Röhrl. "Be both of the e-mobility that I would have to give up my freedom. I went on Friday a week ago by car 1100 kilometers to Monte Carlo to drive the historic rally over 300 kilometers with an old Porsche on Saturday. On Sunday I left the 1100 kilometers back.

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