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Technology: Off-White: Capsule Collection To the Chinese New Year

10 Historical Questions That Can Get You Arrested in China

  10 Historical Questions That Can Get You Arrested in China Telephone and online hotlines allow citizens to report others who talk about these 10 "rumours."As part of the drive to protect such figures' reputations, the country's internet regulator in July released a list of historically nihilist "rumors" that citizens are not allowed to discuss.

The Chinese New Year is now an important date in the calendar for fashion brands worldwide. Houses like Louis Vuitton and Off-White are specially designed pieces designed for this occasion. Because the beginning of the new moon year is the most important festival of the year for the fastest clientele in the People's Republic. For this occasion, more expensive gifts are also bought. Off-white celebrates the Spring Festival 2022 for the first time without its founder Virgil ablöh. In the Lunar Capsule Collection also swings a piece of optimism. (Also read: louis vuitton and virgil abloh - the 7 coolest looks of the ultimativ last collection )

What we know about the apparent disappearance of a Chinese tennis star

  What we know about the apparent disappearance of a Chinese tennis star The tennis star accused a former Chinese government official of sexual assault. The United Nations called for an investigation into her allegations and whereabouts on Friday. Some of the biggest names in the international tennis world -- from Naomi Osaka to Serena Williams -- have also lent their voice to the global search for the former Grand Slam doubles champion, using the hashtag #WhereIsPengShuai.

  Off-White: Capsule-Collection zum chinesischen Neujahr © screenshot / off --- & off-white: new collection

eight pieces includes the mini collection of Off-white to the Chinese New Year. Since its date does not set up after the sun, but the lunar calendar, it does not take place on a fixed date. In 2022, the most important holiday of the People's Republic falls on February 1st. He heralds the year of the Tiger. In Chinese astrology, each year is characterized by one of the twelve zodiac signs. This is also reflected in the Capsule Collection of Off-White.


Video: Geissens-Women Dye Robert the Bart: "When the Sche ... looks like, he's gone!" (Teleschau)

A T-shirt with the logo imprint may not be missing in the line-up. The design team has opted for a narrow cut, white model with blue imprint. Cost: 325 euros. On the right chest, a tiger praises, which fails with off-white instead of pride or threatening rather cuddly-sweet. The same motivation as a trailer also a bracelet (295 euros) and a key chain (245 euros). Both accessories are kept red and gold in the Chinese lucky colors. (Also interesting: Swatch - This watch smells colorful the year of the Tiger An )

China, Russia to Train Together Against Terror as Last U.S. Troops Exit Afghanistan

  China, Russia to Train Together Against Terror as Last U.S. Troops Exit Afghanistan More than 10,000 troops from China and Russia will participate jointly in an exercise next month designed to, among other things, enhance their "capability to fight against terrorist forces and jointly safeguard regional peace and security."The Chinese Defense Ministry and Russian Defense Ministry issued a joint statement Thursday stating that the Western Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army will join troops from Russia's Eastern Military District for a large-scale exercise called West-Interaction 2021, which will be held in early and mid-August in the city of Qingtongxia, which lies along the Yellow River in China's northern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

& Off-White: Prices of the


The characteristic black and white of off-white dominates the underwear of the collection. The boxer shorts with logo federal government are the cheapest choice of pieces to the Chinese New Year with a price of 95 euros and have visually the least with the holiday to do. The same applies to the two-piece lingerie set for women from mesh. It falls significantly more expensive with 295 euros. Something out of the row also dances a sleep mask in orange. It is provided with the imprint "for Travel" and hopes at times when traveling will be carefree again.

The two most expensive pieces of the off-white collection are the handbags. The "Lny Optical Mini Flap Bag" in black and white costs 1,095 euros. Hundred euros more are the red "Lny Burrow-22 Shoulder Bag". Some pieces are already available, others are available on the side of the label as a pre-order. X1 &

Pedestal where Lee statue stood in Va. capital fully removed .
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The enormous pedestal where the Robert E. Lee monument in Virginia’s capital resided for over 130 years until September has been completely removed and hauled away. Every piece of the 40-foot-tall (12-meter-tall) pedestal where the bronze statue stood over Monument Avenue in Richmond was gone from a traffic circle as of Friday afternoon, WRIC-TV reported. The ground was leveled, with straw spread about to encourage grass growth. Gov.

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