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Technology: The wreck of a US aircraft from the Second World War found 77 years after its disappearance

With the US gone, Afghanistan's air force has to rely on Zoom calls to learn how to fix its aircraft

  With the US gone, Afghanistan's air force has to rely on Zoom calls to learn how to fix its aircraft Time is running out for US personnel in Afghanistan, which has made Zoom calls necessary to give Afghan forces the training they still need.While the Afghan military is fighting back, it will soon have to do so without its biggest advantage: US-led coalition airpower.

A plane from the American army that had disappeared in 1945 was found in the Himalayas in India following dangerous research which Comered for life to three guides.

  L'épave d'un avion US de la Seconde Guerre mondiale retrouvé 77 ans après sa disparition © Mia Recoveries / AFP

The wreck of an American army aircraft missing during the Second World War has been located in the Himalaya in India, as a result of perilous research that cost three guides. , 77 years after the crash of the device and the death of his 13 passengers. The C-46 came from Kunming, in the south of China, when it was caught in a storm over a mountainous area of ​​the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh in January 1945.

"We had never heard of this plane. He had simply disappeared, "said AFP the American Clayton Kuhles, President-Founder of the Non-Governmental Organization Mia Recoveries, who led the research, sponsored by the son of one of the passengers. Mr. Kuhles and his team of Local Local Ethnic Guides have been confronted with extreme conditions in the mountains, having sometimes had to cross rivers with deep waters and camper with high altitude glacial temperatures.

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A Curtiss C-46 "Commando" Plane Transport, is a big flat. 3,181 Were Built. # ww2 #history

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last September, three of these guides died of hypothermia, in the initial phase of shipping , while they camped in full snowstorm. Last month, the team finally discovered the wreck of the aircraft at the top of a snowy mountain, where it could be identified thanks to its number still visible on the tail of the device. No passenger remains found there.

"I'm crazy about"

Mr. Kuhles was missioned by Bill Scherer, son of an officer aboard the plane. "All I can say is that I'm crazy about joy, just to know where it is. It's both sad but happy," Scherer confided to AFP by email from New York. "I grew up without a father. I think only of my poor mother, at the reception of the telegram informing him that his husband had disappeared and that she found himself alone with me, baby of 13 months", A-T -he adds.

Hundreds of American military aircraft disappeared on the theater of operations in India, China and Burma during the Second World War. If the hostile shots of the Japanese forces are at the origin of certain losses of aircraft, according to Mr. Kuhles, the majority damaged by confronting the ice, the winds of the force of a hurricane among other extreme weather conditions.

Its organization Mia Recoveries, a specialist in the American Air Force aircraft, has found since its founding in early 2000, 26 missing aircraft for decades, representing 266 staff registered on the official list of MIA (Missing in action ), according to its website.

Navy to salvage stealth F-35 that crashed on carrier landing in South China Sea .
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