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Technology: Gamestreaming: Go Google with Stadia's typical Microsoft Way?

Major GOP tech critics sought funding from Google

  Major GOP tech critics sought funding from Google "That was back before we knew how bad Google really was," says Internet Accountability Project leader Mike Davis, who pitched his PR services to lawyers for the Silicon Valley search titan in 2019.Davis, from his perch as the head of the right-wing advocacy group the Internet Accountability Project, regularly lambasts Google as a “trillion-dollar Big Tech monopolist” and condemns people on the right who accept money from the search giant. Ventry is chief of staff to Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, the Republican lawmaker who has quickly become a leader in the GOP’s battle to rein in the tech behemoths.

Google Stadia © Provided by Dr. Windows Google Stadia

Google and Microsoft compete in the new market of gamestreaming from the cloud with each other. Of course there are other providers, but should not play a role for this article, because it's about an interesting observation: Google could hit the path with STADIA, which is antilicated for Microsoft's cloud services almost "typical".

at Microsoft's GameStreaming is the ticket of the Xbox Game Pass. Without this nothing works, but you do not need more, because all subscribers can stream all the games contained in the Game Pass over the cloud, if the game supports it. Own games can not be "bringing", but you can use the local Xbox as streaming servers.

Windows for the school: Microsoft brings new Surface laptop with Windows 11 SE specifically for students

 Windows for the school: Microsoft brings new Surface laptop with Windows 11 SE specifically for students Microsoft wants to continue to push into the market of educational purposes, easy to handle operating systems and take the wind from the sailing star. . The new Surface Laptop with the Windows 11 SE developed for use in the school area is intended to be easy and safe for students - the whole thing for only 249 US dollars. © Provided by Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images Windows 11 SE: The Microsoft Operating System for Pupils The US Tech Group Microsoft builds its offer for students a

At Google Stadia Pro are also a few games included, but the offer is manageable and can not even take it in terms of content with the Game Pass. What's in Stadia, many players detrimental is the fact that you buy games and then trust that Google does not shut off the platform at some point. Who believes Microsoft is unscruparless when switching off products and in "pre-door-setting" from customers, who has never used a product on which Google has lost the desire.

The Xbox Game Pass is already an attractive offer, the possibility for streaming is still available as additional performance. Stadia must convince from itself, since Google is in a significantly weaker position. That's why you start with Google now to market the technology and not the product itself.

Russia condemns Google to a record fine of 87 million euros

 Russia condemns Google to a record fine of 87 million euros © AFP / ARCHIVE L A Russia on Friday Google to a record fine of 87 million euros for not deleted Content "prohibited", a sign of increasing pressure in the country against digital giants. In recent years, the Russian authorities are constantly strengthening their Internet control, last space where the critical voices of the Kremlin can speak again with a relative freedom.

The idea: The publisher of a game offers the opportunity for cloud streaming as additional performance and buys the necessary technology on Google. The buyer of the game stays on his favorite platform, but at the same time Stadia customer, without knowing it. With the game "Batman: Arkham Knight" that is already practiced in the US, Stadia is used as a white label product.

does not enter into direct contact with the end customer, but to sell others the necessary technology, which was and is in many areas the preferred Microsoft strategy. Satya Nadella is said to have summarized that in the statement that you should not work with Microsoft if you want to be cool yourself. Rather, one should pursue the goal of making others cool. Only the gaming division is currently playing monopoly again and seems to be able to occupy all the important fields of the game board.

to make any games about the existing backend platform and then maybe somehow link to a stadia subscription could be an interesting strategy for Google.

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