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Technology: NASA wants huge space screw spinllaunch 2022

Head of NASA brushes off Russian space chief's hostile comments by saying he 'spouts off every now and then'

  Head of NASA brushes off Russian space chief's hostile comments by saying he 'spouts off every now and then' "Up in space, we can have a cooperation with our Russian friends, our colleagues," NASA administrator, Bill Nelson told AP.Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a military assault in Ukraine Thursday, with attacks having since been reported in the cities of Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Odesa.

after the successful first test of his suborbital mass accelerator in October 2021 Spinlaunch reports the next success. The NASA wants to test the huge centrifugal jug again this year.

Imposant: Riesige Weltraumschleuder in der Wüste von New Mexico. Foto: Spinlaunch) © Imposant: huge space shaft in the desert of New Mexico. Photo: Spinlaunch)

The US space authority NASA has signed a contract for a test flight with the California Space Startup Spinlaunch, according to Business Wire . The test should include the transport of payload and their salvage. This is another milestone in the young history of the startup, which does not put on missiles for payload transport into space. Rather, Spinlaunch has been working on a far cheaper alternative since 2014 and believes that have found in a huge slingshot. Thus, small satellites should be transported with less than 30 percent of the fuel and the structures of a conventional start in space. This could give the small satellite sector a true boom.

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  Man falls off Jet Ski and tries to fight rescuers. Then, one shot him in self-defense, officials say Officials in South Carolina are not filing charges after a 29-year-old man was fatally shot on a boat, calling the incident a case of self-defense.The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed last week that deputies were dispatched March 15 after a man and a woman, who were not wearing life jackets, fell off a Jet Ski into Lake Keowee. A man and woman on a pontoon boat saw the other man and woman, drove over and helped them onto their boat.

This is how the Giant Schleuder

works the centrifugal screw, which is currently in the desert between Las Bruces in the US state of New Mexico and the Spaceport America, actually works according to the simple physical principle that the name implies. In the system, which looks like a huge jo Jo with a small chimney, there is a steel vacuum chamber with a diameter of 91 meters.

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in it can be a one in it Carbon fiber arm attached payload to a speed of 8,000 kilometers per hour, before the carbon fiber arm sticks out and the payload is shot from the small chimney into space. Depending on the size of the payload, SpinLaunch Plant Plant to install small additional engines to the payloads that develop the thrust necessary for orbital entry as soon as the outer layers of the atmosphere are achieved.

planned, which is 3 times the size of

"What began as an innovative idea to make space more accessible to a technically mature and groundbreaking approach to starts," said Spinlaunch boss Jonathan Yaney last week in one Explanation.

The giant shelleworm in New Mexico is just the beginning. Spinlaunch wants to build closer to the coast and there a plant, which is three times the same as the current one. The company hopes to be able to carry out its first test flight in the orbit 2025. First, however, the less ambitious tests must continue to be successful.

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