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Technology: Huawei and his Russia problem

Putin's botched war in Ukraine could supercharge his efforts to meddle in future US elections

  Putin's botched war in Ukraine could supercharge his efforts to meddle in future US elections Russia's failures on the battlefield boost the pressure to "cause as much damage as possible" in the cyber domain, a former NSA hacker told Insider.But experts say Putin's military failures and his status as a global pariah could make him more likely to double down on another of his goals: manipulating foreign elections and sowing distrust in democratic systems.

Dusseldorf. After Apple and Samsung left the Russian market shortly after the beginning of the war, now follow further telecommunications companies. Some devices are now allegedly scared in Russia.

 Handys könnten in Russland schon bald zur Mangelware werden. © dpa phones could soon be in the shortage in Russia.

smartphones, tablets and other technology are just under the Russian market. The reason: Technology companies have withdrawn from Russia because of Ukraine war. Apple and Samsung had already announced in March, no more products to Russia to ship. The manufacturer Ericsson went to the end of February and recently introduced the business with customers in Russia "indefinitely".

Companies pulling back from Russia over the war in Ukraine

  Companies pulling back from Russia over the war in Ukraine Dozens of the world's biggest companies have abandoned or scaled back their operations in Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. © Vladimir Gerdo/TASS/Getty Images A re:Store shop in central Moscow. re:Store is one of the largest Apple resellers in Russia. The exodus affects every corner of the economy, from its vast energy riches through autos, finance, retail, entertainment and fast food, starving Russia of new investment and removing products and services that had become popular in the decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei seems to be traced. "The new Zürcher Zeitung" relied on information of the daily newspaper Iswestija, according to the Huawei the delivery stop could have to be priority to US sanctions. Huawei has limited access to US technology because of security concerns of Americans. However, this is necessary to manufacture many Huawei products. The US has repeatedly threatened consequences in recent weeks, Chinese companies should undermine US sanctions against Russia. The magazine Forbes Russia reports, Huawei had sent Russian employees to vacation for a month. Huawei himself does not take a position. "Huawei is still going to examine the international sanction rules in relation to Russia," says on request. The company is not commented on concrete plans. Huawei had first benefited from the retreat of competitors from Rusland. By 300 percent, the sales figures in the first fair trade should have increased as the star reported.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou makes first company appearance since release from Canada

  Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou makes first company appearance since release from Canada Meng Wanzhou, the senior Huawei executive whose detainment in Canada became a flashpoint of US-China tensions, returned to the corporate stage Monday as sanctions continue to slam its business. © AFP/Getty Images Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou delivers a speech during the Huawei 2021 Annual Report Press Conference in Shenzhen in China's southern Guangdong province on March 28, 2022.

The retreat of the companies hits Russia hard. "The sanctions show effect, among other things, Russia has become increasingly difficulty to get to technology products," it says from the Foreign Office. The economic basis of Russia is weakened in the long term. Huawei first benefited from the retreat of the other companies.

Huawei technique in Russia is the basis for 30 to 40 percent of mobile radio base stations. That would be withdrawal according to the assessment of industry experts, if Ericsson and Nokia Russia also have returned to the back. It is no longer to think about repairs in defective systems, not to mention any further expansion of the networks, reports the IT intelligence service WinFuture. According to the statistical portal StatCounter, the mobile service providers Samsung and Apple come together to around 50 percent market share in Russia.

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A Chinese telecom giant has suspended Russian operations and furloughed employees as sanctions bite: reports .
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