Technology: China is trying to spy on the United States thanks to Huawei?

China will learn from Russia's mistakes if it mounts Taiwan attack: CIA chief

  China will learn from Russia's mistakes if it mounts Taiwan attack: CIA chief China will learn from Russia's mistakes in Ukraine and seek to establish “overwhelming force” before mounting any invasion of Taiwan, the director of the CIA warned Wednesday. “I think the Chinese leadership is trying to study the lessons of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and what it tells them,” William Burns told the Aspen Security Forum. “I think our sense is that it probably affects less the question of whether the Chinese leadership might choose some years down the road to use force to control Taiwan but how and when they would do it.

Les États-Unis soupçonnent l'entreprise chinoise Huawei de servir de relais d'espionnage la Chine. © Reuters/Thomas Peter The United States suspects the Chinese company Huawei to serve as a spy relay China.

According to the American news channel CNN, China would spy on the American nuclear arsenal thanks to its communication antennas manufactured by Huawei. Since 2017, the FBI has been investigating the installation of telecommunications antennas by China on the United States soil. He stopped what he considered clear efforts to install listening devices near military and government structures.

CNN talks about a Chinese garden a few steps from Capitol , in Washington DC. It was a Chinese project at $ 100 million. Temples, pavilions, a pagoda 20 meters high and huge gardens. But by digging a little, those responsible for counterintelligence realized several things: the pagoda would have been placed on one of the highest points of Washington DC and China had the building materials shipped in suitcases diplomatic, which American customs officials could not examine.

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Video: In the event of a Chinese Taiwan invasion, the United States would intervene (Dailymotion)

The fear that an antenna on the roof of the pagoda spy on the Capitol pushed the FBI to discreetly cancel this project.

two billion dollars to withdraw the Huawei

antennas enough to encourage to investigate more deeply, especially in the northeast American. CNN takes the example of the state of Montana where many missile silos are dotted. The FBI has worried about the many telecommunications towers in the region that use Huawei sensors.

We cannot really know if strategic data has been captured by China from these laps, but as a precaution, the Congress approved an envelope of $ 2 billion to remove these Huawei antennas in 2020, but none has yet could be removed. The operation would be much more expensive than expected.

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