Technology: Who is Giorgia Meloni, the ultra-conservative at the gates of Italian power?

Decision-time for Italy's PM on government's fate

  Decision-time for Italy's PM on government's fate Italy's government could fall on Wednesday, when Mario Draghi tells the Senate if he is to resign.Mr Draghi, who has led a unity government for 17 months, will tell the Senate in the morning whether or not he is prepared to stay in office.

  Qui est Giorgia Meloni, l'ultra-conservatrice aux portes du pouvoir italien ? © Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

in Italy, Giorgia Meloni has the wind. The president of the far-right party brothers of Italy would see herself Prime Minister, after the political crisis who forced the current holder of the post, Mario Draghi , to resign from the presidency of the Italian council. In the viewfinder of the 45 -year -old politician: the early elections, scheduled for late September. For the country, the election of Giorgia Meloni would sign the return of an extreme right faithful to the heritage of the Mussolini years.

Training journalist, the elected conservative of 45 years does not miss an opportunity to stage his personal story. Last May, she published her memoirs, soberly entitled: I am Giorgia Meloni: my roots and my ideas. Le Monde reports the dazzling success of the book: a "dozen reissues" and "more than 160,000 copies sold in less than three months". His memoirs were thus "the best -selling non -fiction work" in Italy. Between the evocation of her childhood with a very religious mother, considerations on her absent father and a reference to Tolkien , she "presents herself as an unusually earth-to-earth policy", notes the New York Times .

Italy's Draghi heads to president after government implodes

  Italy's Draghi heads to president after government implodes ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s national unity government appeared to be headed for collapse Thursday after key coalition allies boycotted a confidence vote, signaling the likelihood of an early election and a renewed period of uncertainty for Italy and Europe at a critical time. Draghi told Parliament's lower chamber on Thursday that he was heading to see President Sergio Mattarella, suggesting his resignation was imminent. Among his options, Mattarella could ask Draghi to stay on in a caretaker role until an early election.

The ascent of a conservative

at 15, in 1992, Giorgia Meloni engages in politics: she campaigned within the student organization of the student action and adheres to the Italian social movement. In the Italian political landscape, this training is considered to be the worthy heiress of the Fascist National Party of Benito Mussolini . Six years later, she entered the Council of the province of Rome and continued her ascent to the Chamber of Deputies, of which she was elected Vice-President in 2006 on the National Alliance list, direct branch of the Italian social movement. At 29, she became the youngest parliamentary woman in the 15th Italian legislature. Brilliant, she is also in the small papers of Silvio Berlusconi . In 2008, she joined her fourth government, as Minister of Youth.

The extreme right ready to take advantage of the crisis in Italy

 The extreme right ready to take advantage of the crisis in Italy © Alessandro Di Meo, EPA-EFE Giorgia Meloni, on June 12 in Genoa. The leader of the Postfascist Fratelli party of Italia is given at the top of the next legislative elections by polls. The fall of the government of Mario Draghi opens the way to anticipated legislative elections on September 25, 2022. The extremists of Fratelli of Italia are given in mind. An alliance with the right is looming. Milan.

Therefore, Giorgia Meloni quickly became a figurehead of the Italian far right. Known for its xenophobic outings and political positions -it wants to close border access to migrants from Libya-, opposed to the enlargement of the rights of LGBTQIA+ -Continue the adoption of homosexual couples -, it advocates a civilizational and family Christian model , nationalist and traditional. In 2014, after her ministerial mandate, the politician took over the ultra-conservative party brothers from Italy. The same year, the party changed logo and adopted the tricolor flame, direct reference to the neo-fascist movement Italian social movement.

In the wake of the European extreme right

in Europe, his political speech attracts the votes of the far right and earned her to be elected president of the party of European conservatives and reformists in 2019. France 24 summarizes His program and his ideas in a few well-stopped principles: "Societal conservatism, natalist politics and anti-Muslim positions". In France, we compare it sometimes to Marion Maréchal Le Pen , sometimes to her aunt and head of the far right Marine Le Pen . Friend of the American Republicans, close to the Spanish nationalist party Vox, the Italian distinguished himself by two virulent speeches at a conference organized in Spain: "Yes to safe borders! No to mass immigration! […] Yes to our civilization! And not to those who want to destroy it! "Reports the New York Times.

Nearly 1,200 migrants arrive in Italy in 24 hours

  Nearly 1,200 migrants arrive in Italy in 24 hours Officials warn that immigration centres are being overwhelmed by the pace of new arrivals.The migrants, who hail from several African and Middle Eastern nations, landed at several ports in Sicily.

Despite her nationalist ideas, Giorgia Meloni adopts conciliatory positions when international news requires more measure: she does not intend to return to the right to abortion and firmly oppose the Hard Power of China and, even more , from Russia. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, she opts for Atlanticist positioning. The most conservative lines of its program are intended for domestic policy. The national daily La REPUBBLICA does not fail to underline its political proximity and its "bond of friendship" with "two European leaders on which the future and even the survival of the European Union depend": Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán . Both known for their sovereignist policy.

The last Italian surveys announce Giorgia Meloni and brothers of Italy ultra favorite in the electoral race which promises to be for September, with 24% of the votes. The coalition formed with the forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi and the populist league could allow it, at least, to be in pole position.

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