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"This is not a policy": Merz shares the stage against Habeck and Lauterbach from

 . Politicians the opportunity to tie against the federal government as an opposition leader. © dpa Friedrich Merz, Federal Chairman of the CDU, speaks at a press conference in the courtyard of Banz Abbey. , especially on Robert Habeck and Karl Lauterbach, the 66-year-old was targeting. "Two key representatives of this federal government, the Federal Minister of Economics and Federal Minister of Health, outbid each other every day with news how terrible everything can be," said Merz.

as a result of his candidacy as AfD Federal President, the CDU initiated an exclusion procedure against OTTE. This had not raised an objection.

Max Otte nimmt an einer Pressekonferenz der AfD mit Alice Weidel und Tino Chrupalla teil © Photo: Kay Nietfeld/DPA Max Otte takes the AfD press conference with Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla Part

The former chairman of the arch-conservative values ​​union, Max Otte, has been excluded from the CDU. The CDU district party judge Cologne had followed the application of the CDU federal board "due to party behavior", the CDU Cologne announced on Wednesday in Düsseldorf.

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da Otte did not appeal until the deadline on August 1st, he was "now no longer a member of the CDU". The Cologne CDU welcomes the decision of the district savings agent because it “very clearly affirms that violates the principles of the CDU of any kind of cooperation with the AfD and entails party law consequences”.

The exclusion procedure had been strained after the 57-year-old business professor had run for the office of Federal President in mid-February. Otte belonged to the CDU for a good 30 years. Already in April he announced during the ongoing proceedings not to defend himself against a throwing out.

the chair at the Value Union , which is not an official CDU association, but sees itself as a "conservative basic movement" in the Union, he had already resigned at the end of January.

The Cologne CDU boss Bernd Petelkau said that Otte had significantly violated the principles and values ​​of the party through his behavior. "I am glad that the district savings attendance has punished this with the only correct consequence of the only correct consequence: the exclusion from our party." (Dpa)

around 25,000 open arrest warrants in North Rhine-Westphalia .
The police in North Rhine-Westphalia are currently looking for around 25,000 people with arrest warrants. As of July 7 of this year, there were a total of 24,615 open arrest warrants in North Rhine -Westphalia. This emerges from a response from the Düsseldorf Ministry of Justice published on Wednesday when asked by the AfD parliamentary group. The number increased by 540 compared to the beginning of the year. © Stefan Sauer/dpa/Illustration A man wears handcuffs.

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