Technology: The beginning of a revolution? The Moelis Investment Bank is founding a blockchain group

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in the middle of the so-called crypto winter, experienced investment bankers from Moelis & Co. set to blockchain transactions and found the advisory service provider Global Blockchain Group.

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KRYPTO winter as an opportunity for blockchain company advice

transaction volume in the crypto industry will increase immensely

The experienced bankers put on investments in the bear market

in an interview Bloomberg emphasized John Mommergee, co-founder of investment bank Moelis & Company and future CEO of the Global Blockchain Group, he believed that he is right to invest in the crypto sector. Every groundbreaking technology finally fluctuations and he appreciates the challenge.

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The current bear market is the perfect time to start with the management consultancy. The crypto industry waxes enormously, regardless of the fact that not many major transactions have yet been made, said Mittachee. He made a comparison to the phase after the crash when the transaction volumes were significantly smaller than before.

Web3 as a groundbreaking technology

As Reuters reports, risk capital providers have already invested $ 17.5 billion in blockchain companies this year. This could significantly exceed the record value from 2021 with investments of $ 26.9 billion in the current year. The current bear market is no longer unsettling investors, the investment volumes were rather reflected in growing trust in Bitcoin , Ethereum & Co., according to the experts cited.

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 Deutsche Bank-share nevertheless weak: Deutsche Bank exceeds with profit plus. The expectations surprisingly generated a further billion gain in the second quarter despite the economic headwind through the Ukraine War. © provided by Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images Thanks to good business, the shareholders were able to surplain 1.05 billion euros and thus a good year and a half as a year earlier, as the Deutsche Bank on Wednesday announced in Frankfurt. That was significantly more than expected on average.

The blockchain technology is ready to revolutionize the business world, as it had happened in the 1990s through the Internet. Moelis already offers advisory services in established and emerging industries and can enrich the blockchain world with infrastructure, advisory skills and customer relationships, can be read in the bank's press release.

"The presence of Moelis as the leading consultant in this area is an important development for the long-term growth of blockchain technology," Lou Kerner, the future senior advisor of the Global Blockchain Group, is quoted in the press release. Kerner is the founder of the Cryptooracle Collective, a web3 consulting company, and partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, a leading risk capital provider for blockchain and crypto companies, and thus has great experience in the field of decentralized finances (Defi).

The blockchain technology solved numerous problems, the former UBS banker John Mitnesse said in an interview with Bloomberg before adding: "We are in the early stage of this revolution".

The long -term forecast is good despite the current volatility and this would also increase the need for strategic advice. In the areas of growth financing and liability management, expertise is also required that could offer web3 advice to the Global Blockchain Group. Redaktion

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