Technology: A aircraft wreck on the sea floor and other curious underwater attractions

Fact check: Tide gauge data, not photos, prove sea level rise at Statue of Liberty

  Fact check: Tide gauge data, not photos, prove sea level rise at Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty area sea levels have risen since 1900. Status of sea level rise is shown by tide gauge data, not photos without tide information.The meme features two photos. One shows a black and white photo of the Statue of Liberty labeled "Statue of Liberty 1900." The shoreline of Liberty Island, where the statue is located, is visible in the image.

With piezo ignition, the flame on the camping cooker is created at the push of a button. This is comfortable - if it works. However, you should not rely on this and always have an alternative source of ignition in your backpack, advises the magazine “Alpin” (issue 09/22). These can be matches or a lighter.

Bei vielen Gaskochern braucht man zum Entzünden ohnehin Feuerzeug oder Streichholz - doch auch bei Kochern mit Piezo-Zündung sollte man eins von beiden parat haben, falls die Zündung streikt. © Christin Klose/DPA-TMN With many gas cookers you need lighter or matches anyway-but you should also have one of both for stove with piezo ignition if the ignition strike. According to the report, piezo ignitions with ceramic isolator are quite susceptible. If he breaks, the ignition no longer works. Variants without insulation were less likely. screw-on cooker for occasional users The magazine examined five screw-on cookers and four cooking systems with external gas supply in a test. One knowledge from this: If you only cook on the way, you can use one of the light screw variants well.

The most head-scratching move each NFL team made this season

  The most head-scratching move each NFL team made this season The NFL offseason has been headlined by big moves, but not all of them have made sense. These moves were the most head-scratching of the 2022 offseason.

is to be used more frequently, a system with an external cartridge is an advantage. These devices are more stable and more economical in consumption.

Wind can put the consumption upstairs

Since the stoves can only be used outside the tent due to the carbon monoxide poisoning risk, wind susceptibility plays an important role.

Here there were sometimes big differences in the study: While some stoves had to struggle with a light breeze, which kept the cooking time and gas consumption skyrocketing, the wind in other models hardly influenced the performance.

Two wind buste test winners and a price tip

hardly susceptible to wind and also with regard to consumption, stability and regulability of the flame, the two test winners were convincing: the Soto Windmaster (around 75 euros) was the best screw-on cooker in the field, the Primus Primeteech Stove set 1.3 l (around 180 euros) was ahead with the cooking systems with external supply line.

Apart from the comparatively high gas consumption, the screw-on kocher BergTrekking MT500 Piezo of the DECATHLON brand forclaz was also able to convince: With around 35 euros it is quite cheap and thus for “Alpin” the price tip in the test field.

U.S. Navy is seeing more 'unsafe' aerial intercepts by China, says Seventh Fleet commander .
Karl Thomas said on Tuesday that he's seen a increase in "unsafe" aerial intercepts by Chinese military in the South China Sea region. Karl Thomas emphasized the importance of supply chains and the free flow of shipping, adding that keeping sea lanes open is the "first and foremost" mission of the Navy. Despite an increase in unsafe aerial interactions, Thomas said, the vast majority of U.S. and Chinese aerial and naval interactions are professional and safe. © Provided by CNBC U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon aircraft. SINGAPORE — The commander of the U.S.

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