Technology: Serp dynamics: Google does Google roll out a large update?

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For a few days there have been strong movements on the search result of Google - highlight: August 9th. Is Google rolling out a new big update or does the whole thing have something to do with the explosion in a US data center?

Großes Google-Update – oder doch nicht? © Salarko/Shutterstock Large Google update-or not?

Since August 6, 2022, tools such as Rankranger or Semrush Sensor have been booking violent fluctuations in the Google rankings. The strong dynamic on the search results pages has its focus on August 9th. Are these signs of an Google update ?

the Expert: According to the inside of , could carry out Google "Corrections after the Product Reviews update". The update was surprisingly declared by Google at the beginning of August.

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Google ranking: High dynamics in search results

corresponding improvements could explain the currently high dynamics for the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Another, not announced core update would also be possible.

Google update back: AI generated spam content benefits

Google: New core update shows the first effects

have Google's update announcements-and will change something ?

An additional proof of one or the other update variant would also be that some industry observers can no longer find their pages in the search results. IT expert Christian Radny, about , suspected problems in this context.

In all speculations - it is known anyway that Google always rolls out smaller updates to improve the ranking. Often there is no announcement at all.

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Explosion in Google Computing Center

Another option is that the explosion in a Google computer center in the US state of Iowa has something to do with ranking fluctuations. According to, the strong rash, which Semrush Sensor shows for August 9th , speaks for this .

Google ranking: High Serp dynamics. (Screenshot: Semrush, t3n)

At the explosion in the Google data center, were injured three people . In particular, users: In the USA in the United States, on Tuesday night, due to the incident, there were problems with Google services such as search, maps or Gmail.

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