Technology: New features in August: With WhatsApp you can soon leave group chats

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WhatsApp has become an integral part of many people in everyday life. The messenger service has been around for 13 years, and it is regularly developed. Soon three more features are to be added, which should provide "more control and additional protection", as the parent company Meta communicates . One thing is particularly accommodating users who prefer to say quietly than say loudly.

Whatsapp erweitert seine App um einige Funktionen. © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa WhatsApp extends its app by some functions.

This is how other members of a group chat will no longer be notified when someone leaves the group. So far, a small note has been shown between the news if a member had left the group. This is a thing of the past with the new feature. Then only the group admins are notified by leaving a group. According to Meta, this function is to be introduced for all users in August.

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WhatsApp: Be secretly online and forbid screenshots

will also be available this month. Another feature. So far, users can already decide for themselves who can see everything when they were last online. If you are online, this is shown to everyone. That should change now. With the new function, everyone can decide for themselves who can see whether you are online or not.

The third innovation concerns another feature that has already been introduced. It has been possible for a long time that others can only look at a sent photo once. This function now wants to expand WhatsApp. In the future, users should also be able to ban screenshots for these pictures sent once. Unlike the other two features, this will not be available shortly. It is currently still in the test phase and will then be introduced "soon". (tli)

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