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It was a bad stroke of fate that the Mabel from Oranien-Nassau (54) suffered in winter 2012. Her beloved husband, Prince Friso († 44), brother of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (55), was buried by an avalanche while skiing in Austria. The rescue workers managed to get the prince to the surface and revive, but there had been too much time. From then on he was in a coma and finally died on August 12, 2013.

Mabel von Oranien-Nassau: Heute sind ihre Gedanken bei ihrem Friso (†) © Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images, RVD via Getty Images, Mabel from Oranien-Nassau: Today your thoughts are with your Friso (†)

to live with his great love, Mabel from Oranien-Nassau, born Mabel knew to live together, had avoided many privileges. With the marriage in 2004, he lost his title as "Prince of the Netherlands" and was excluded from the succession to the throne. He also did not officially belong to the royal family, which did not have a state burial during his death.

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Mabel from Oranien-Nassau, will definitely think back on her deadly crashed husband on September 25 and mourn with her daughters. The girls, Luana von Oranien-Nassau (17) and Zaria of Oranien-Nassau (16) had just come to school when they had to cope with the early death of their father.

Mourning for Friso of Oranien-Nassau

Mabel from Oranien-Nassau has lived relatively withdrawn since the death of her husband. It rarely perceives official appointments, but devotes a large part of her time to charity like the fight against children's marriages. Its appearance on the red carpet, for example at a benefit gala in Amsterdam in June this year, is therefore always registered with joy. Mabel is said to maintain close contacts to the royal family to this day.

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Widow Mabel from Oranien-Nassau is in the middle of life

, the 54-year-old is completely independent , apparently also due to clever investments in her late husband. Their wealth has several year to year and it is now one of the 50 richest Dutch with an estimated property of 850 million euros.

Whether Mabel from Oranien-Nassau has also found a new luck in love is not known. A few months ago, according to the "Story" magazine, she was seen in intimate togetherness with a man about the same age , but details have not become public or about the relationship between the two.

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