Sport: Alpine feeling Eifel: Learn to climb on the spectacular new castle climbing dough

French 'Spider Man' climbs 613ft skyscraper for 60th birthday

  French 'Spider Man' climbs 613ft skyscraper for 60th birthday He climbed the building with no safety gear to mark the milestone in his life.Robert, dubbed the ‘French Spiderman’, climbed the 187-metre (613-foot) Tour TotalEnergies building on Saturday.

climbing fans and adrenaline junkies! A unique nature and adventure experience awaits on the new castle climbing climbing in Manderscheid. Climbing courses for "beginners" and "promoted" are offered in October around the fairytale backdrop of the two Manderscheider castles.

Im Oktober werden Kletterkurse am Klettersteig in Manderscheid angeboten. © CC-BY-SA-Gesundland Vulkaneifel/ In October, climbing courses on the via ferrata in Manderscheid are offered.

in summer the approximately one kilometer long and spectacular castle climbing climbing dough with alpine character was opened. On three stages it meanders along the rugged rocks of the Liesertal and around the castles. The popular hiking region wanted to create an offer for adventure seekers, younger people and families with the via ferrata. This has succeeded: a 60 -meter -long suspension bridge over the Lieser is one of the highlights, ensures palpitations and a real adrenaline thick. Surefure, fitness and evidence of heights are a prerequisite for the "adventure via ferrata".

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via ferrata on the via ferrata in October

Climbing courses: in October at 9 a.m. courses for beginners and advanced. After a greeting, it goes to the exercise via ferrata. 12.30/1pm is the end of the course. Guides accompany the participants in learning to walk the via ferrata and convey the necessary knowledge in order to then be able to climb via ferrata independently. Finally, a via ferrata is completed.

costs : 60 EUR. Form of via ferrata set, helmet and climbing belt is included in the course fee. The participants themselves provide meals themselves. A course for beginners and a course is offered for newcomers.

or by phone over 065 72 998 9005.

to the castle climbing: An approach of approx. 1.3 km leads from the Burgenblick car park to the start of the stage 1. The stages 2 and 3 can also be reached from the starting point via signposts. The climb can generally be used free of charge, but safety equipment (straps and helmet) are mandatory. Climbing equipment can be borrowed from the Manderscheider spa administration for 20 euros. If you want to climb here on your own, you absolutely need prior knowledge or should only set off with experienced climbers.

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