Sport: The loudest wins: Brunft time with the Hirschen

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Eekholt (dpa/lno) loudly and partly audible for miles, the red deer in Schleswig-Holstein is currently vying for their position as a "Platzhirsch". It is Brunft time - so mating time. "To my taste, this is the best time in the wildlife park," says Ute Kröger, head of the wildlife park in Eekholt. Only now, to the Brunft in September and October, the deer roam for the bet and fight with their antlers to claim the females. In the Eekholt wildlife park, guided tours are offered daily until 9 October to experience this spectacle. Several packs of Rotwild live in the wildlife park in the Segeberg district.

Only a deer stands on the Brunftplatz in the pack of female deer as a so -called top dog. Other males who are nearby would like to contest his position, as Kröger says. "What we hear now, what we are experiencing now, these are sham struggles, real fights, tube duels, markings of odor, but also with the antlers in the ground". The deer are particularly active in the morning and evening hours.

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There are fixed rituals: top dogs mark "their" Brunftplatz with a secretion. In addition to the loud tubes and the expulsion of a series of extended sounds, it is also one of the typical BrunftTrituals with the antlers, as Jenifer Calvi from the German Wildlife Foundation explains.

With their calls, the deer not only want to impress the “bald game”, as the female deer are called. Rather, it is also about making loudly clear who is the boss on the Brunftplatz. Younger deer can often be scared through the behavior, the size, the antlers of the top dog, says Wulf-Heiner Kummetz from the State Hunting Association Schleswig-Holstein. However, if rival of the same strength meets, the "show run" begins.

The competitors walk parallel to each other in the imposing step, the broad side appear, the German Wildlife Foundation describes the spectacle. If both opponents remain steadfast, it comes to fight: the deer clash with the antlers and push themselves over Brunftplatz under the eyes of the females. "The Brunft is very archaic," says Calvi. And exhausting: During the rush, they lose up to 20 percent of their original body weight.

Even if it looks dangerous when the animals weighing up to 250 kilograms collide with their mighty antlers, the fight usually ends before it comes to serious injuries, as Calvi says. "As a rule, the subordinate gives up in good time and searches for the width." And Kummetz also emphasizes that fatal fights are rare, but would occur.

Kummetz also appeals to drivers to pay more attention to game changes. In the ruffles, the eyes of the deer are only directed towards the female game. Road traffic and other environmental influences would not be perceived.

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